Friday, April 26, 2013

Motherhoods rights of passage: Lice

I'm starting to wonder if there are somethings that are just a right of passage in motherhood. Pregnancy, sleepless nights, having that ugly little green man in my street to slow down traffic. I think I'll start a new hash tag,

This week I encountered another little joyous right of passage in motherhood. LICE. Yep my kid got lice. I discovered the little issue monday morning while bradding Miss C's hair for school. Not sure if what I was seeing was lice I took her to school a little early and asked her teacher to come outside to confirm. Yep it was lice. This lead me on a very education journey I want to share with you because when you have small children ...
It's not IF but WHEN! 

So the story goes on...
After confirming it was intact lice I took to the isles of target to find the best solution. Remember that post about shopping with twins in tow? (Read it here) I'm on my knees reading the RID box when the always perfect  and proper mother from Miss C's classmate see me.
proper mom: "oh Campbell are you not feeling well today?" 
Campbell: "I feel fine just gotta get the bugs out of my hair" 
Proper mom: backs away with her shocked eyes

hummmm I may use this in the future to get people to leave me alone in the store. I have no shame these days. 

On our way home from target with our not cheep RID kit I text Miss C's BFF mother. We were just talking about her battle with lice she a few months. she sent a lot of LOL & LMAO and have funs with that. bitch! 
 Then she called me. She just got the call and her daughter is being sent home from school with lice! She tells me I have to call the lice lady. HUH the who? No way!

Then I get the email from school. The one where they don't name your kid but since you saw Proper Mom at target you know the whole class knows it's your kid that has lice email.

       Good morning parents,

I am writing to inform you that one of our students has head lice. We are doing everything within our power to prevent it's spread within our school. Please remind your child to not share hats, hairbrushes, or headbands, especially at this time. ....
                    Our parent handbook outlines our lice policy:
                    Lupine Lane has a “no lice/no nit” policy. Should lice or nits be detected, the child will be removed 
                    from the classroom and the parent will be called. The parent will be given a copy of our Head Lice 
                    Policy and information on how to treat head lice. When the child returns they must be completely
                    free of lice and nits and submit a physician’s note confirming the child is completely lice/nit free.

A Note to return to school! What! So my little over the counter treatment wont cut it? If you treat it your self you have to have it cleared by your Dr. So pay a $90 sick visit charge and wait two days to get into the Dr which means missing two more days of school. This blows! It was at this point I had Miss C sitting on the floor picking nits with that stupid brush the RID kits gave me and realizing there is no way I can do this and get all the nits before the twins nap is over.

Panic Attack/Mommy melt downs begins

Now here is the great part of the story. Remember I said Miss C's BFF's Mom said to call the Lice Lady? To make this story less confusing I'll call her Ms S. I'm calling Ms S asking for info on this lice lady. She said "just do as I say Amber! Call her now she is coming to my house at 6:30pm get her next appointment "

at 7am the next morning The Fairy Lice Mother shows up at my door.

Thats right Moms, an in home lice removal/treatment! Stacy was amazing! I could never have done what she did! She was so fun, that Miss C just thought it was the best little spa day! She did head checks to clear the babies and I then got started on Miss C.
While Miss C got treatment Stacy educated me on all things lice. I had a LOT of false information and a lot of useless old wives tells as my knowledge base.

Was this cheep? No. BUT worth every penny. It's about $200. They guarantee their services and if you add up the price of a Dr. visit, plus prescription meds or over the counter products and the NIGHTMARE it is to pick thru the hair I would say this service is priceless!  I would never have been able to focus (uninterrupted) to remove all the nits. And I learned nothing, yeah thats right, nothing kills nits, they have to be removed. If not removed you going to have the lice problem all over again in a matter of a week! 

Miss C was lice free and back at school (with a note) by 10am!!!!!
There is some homework to do every night for a week using theses products. Which by the way are wonderful! Miss C's hair tangles very badly and after using these products its silky as can be! 
I love that the products are all natural unlike every thing from the store that smelled like nail polish remover and made her hair stiff as a board! 

Our Fairy Lice Mother will be stopping by on Sunday to check on us again. (2 followup visits are included in the original price!) I hoping to report back to your a lice free family!

For more information or to answer any lice related questions go to The Fairy Lice Mothers website or call Stacy at (512)364-4046. Not in Austin? They have other locations!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend at the beach

We took a quick little trip to the Texas coast this weekend. It's not easy to travel with a baby, much less 2! But I'm not one to sit at home because I have kids. I believe in at least trying & making the best of the adventure!
Miss C has been begging to go to the beach for over a year so we said hey let's go!
Notice the little Owl in the pics? That's Ollie from school! It's was his weekend to come home with our family! We have to journal his adventures, take pictures and add them to his scrapbook

Is Beecaves going be getting into reality TV?

Looks like my quite little slice of Austin just got a little crazier. First I meet Meatloaf at papa Murphy's now I get a MTV teen mom moving in to the area?

Never a dull moment

Monday, April 8, 2013

8 Months

Easter 2013

Nixon Elizabeth
Better known around here as The First Lady
your sleeping has been a little erratic this month but for the majority of night you sleep 8pm-6am have a bottle and go back to sleep till 8ish. and you are a good napper (thank you)
Your drinking 6-7oz bottles and you will eat anything that comes your way!
Your wearing 6 month size clothes
Size 3 diapers
You have a huge personality! Your passionate if  your happy or mad!
You can sit up with out falling over for several min. unassisted.
You have the cutest chunky monkey legs
No teeth yet

The 1st Lady Rocks out! 

Rush Beckett
better know as Brother
Your sleep habits are killing me! you go to bed at 8pm and wake up at 4am! stop please! At least you go back to sleep but this means mommy gets up at 4am, 6am, 7am. Iv contacted a sleep consultant and will post more on that later.
You eat 6oz of formula (Gerber) and you have really started eating your solids well. you really like the little puffs!
Your wearing size 3 diapers and 8 or 9 month clothes
You have a new top tooth and another one breaking thru now. That makes 4
You don't sit up to well yet but I think it's because you like to move around to much. You get on all fours and are rocking back and fourth. Looks like crawling is going to happen very soon!
Your still the happiest baby I have ever met.
You said daddy this weekend, BUT it was totally just an accident not a real first word