Thursday, June 28, 2012

Decorations & Details- The twins shower

The AMAZING Decorations! 

Doubble Bubble Topiary 

There are over 700! 
Miss Lucy Q. was the game winner with a guess of 400
This crown jewel is now my dining room center piece 

This sign welcomed guest to the party as they arrived. 
I think I should put this in the lawn at Mr. T's law office! 

Baby Bump progression posters! 

Paying homage to our old school cheerleading days! Painted banners! 

The girls thought of every thing down to the tinest details

Miss C likes to eat herself and feeds me the others! 
Twinings Earl Grey Tea. A game prize won by my Grandmother for guessing how many inches around I measured! 

The guest drank form personalized cups
"Double the trouble but double the fun, It's twins for the Collins"

The Food was great great. We had a "Collins Twin Pack" of two slider burgers wrapped in patriotic paper & pin wheels with old school & sweet potato fry mix. Thank goodness there are no pictures of me stuffing my face! 

Party Favors

Austin Amber Beer & Mini Barefoot wines wrapped meticulously with tags that read "Thank you for showering the twins June 24th 2012" 

The Babies Name Revealed!

During the first part of the shower the hostess let every one guess the babies first names
the clues were:
1. a former president
2. in a hurry

Then Poppers were passed out to the guest, and yes they really popped when we opened them! 

Don't mind the very scary bikini shot there! The picture says Watch out Ya'll Amber is about to pop! 


Inside each popper was personalized little goodies with the babies names on them! 

So Ta Da! 

Nixon Elizabeth
Rush Beckett

Each name has special meaning to Mr. T and I. We have actually had them picked since about week 25 but I had to think on it a while and just make sure they felt right. Rush or Little Rush as we will call him is named after my PawPaw and Elizabeth is Mr T's grandmothers name. 
PawPaw swears he did not know we were naming the baby boy after him but he sure did guess his own name in the game...Hummm. 
There was one spot on winner to the name game and that was Chris and Wendi! 

Love is in the details

31 Weeks! 

Here were a few very special moments
Miss C surprised us with some very special gifts for her new brother and sister. It took every thing in me not to cry when she gave them to me and Mrs Melissa read them. 

 One of the Hostess DeLea, Amber and Angela
 Love these kids! 

It would not be a baby shower with the measuring of the bump
 (as bad as I did not want to know how big around I am!) to spice things up they also measured Mr. T

Mommy at 31 weeks: 40"
Daddy at 31 weeks: 42"

" Mommy give me that wine!" 

 My oldest dearest friend Chuck bet he never thought he would be attending his 2nd baby shower! 
Oh how I love Bow heads


|this tree. Everyone put their thumb print and signed by their names

Want to see the shower details? 

The Twins Baby Shower

Some people do a sprinkle, a shower or a sip and see. We had baby a flood! And that is just what happens when you have three amazing creative friends that come together to host you a baby shower! I'll forever be looking for a way to let these three ladies know how much this shower meant to me.

There are so many parts to the shower that I want to share I'm going to do it in several post. First the babies name reveal, then decorations and last but not least the photo dump since I can't narrow down the pictures I want to post!  

I wanted something fun and casual with good fattening food, the hostesses took the idea plus the baby names and ran with it! The theme was good ol' fashion BBQ and Doubble Dubble, two American traditions right here before the 4th of July! Get it, Doubble Bubble! It does not hurt that Mr. T is a Doubble Bubble addict! 

So on to the details shall we... click the links below

since the shower had a patriotic theme we will be linking up with  Honey We're Home's Link Party! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Ekatva Tour

I hear parents ask all the time how do we give our children everything and still teach them to be appreciative. I ask my self this question all the time and I'm not sure I have a answer. The one thing I do know for sure that is a rule we live by and teach in our home is to be respectful of everyone. I feel stepping out of our "bubble" and embracing other cultures is the best education I can offer my children in learning to love and respect on on a bigger than oneself scale. 
Recently I took Miss C to The Ekatva tour when it came to Austin. 

Ekatva is an experiment to touch the lives and spirit of 16 underprivileged children through dance and art, while inspiring the souls of thousands across the world. Sixteen children from some of the largest slums of Ahmedabad, Gujarat were selected through a nine month audition process, and have been trained and developed, by mentors from Manav Sadhna and teachers from Darpana Academy, to perform a 90-minute dance-drama production sharing Gandhiji’s message of ‘Oneness’. The children have begun to tour across India and will bring the show to the US, and UK the summer of 2012.

Want to learn more? 
Watch here: 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fathers Day Weekend

All Mr. T asked for for fathers day was to watch the US Open in his media room. YUCK! But we obliged. We did manage to get him out for a few fun activities before the golf coverage started. 

after 500 games of candy land I thought Daddy might enjoy getting a new game for fathers day! Shoots and Ladders!