Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It started so innocently

One night last week I went in Miss C's room to tell her one last good night and I happen to have some Johnson's night time baby location in my hands (intended for my personal use). Miss C's was having a little trouble calming down so I offered to put some location on her feet. she caught on quick and then asked for her hands, then back, then tummy... you see where this is heading. 20 min later I had done a full body massage. Since then my massage skills have been put to use SEVERAL times! Tonight was the tip of the spoiled rotten iceberg though, after Miss C was in her room for the nigh some time passed and she started hysterically crying. Thinking something was wrong I ran in. Only to hear "Mommy get my ocean (her word for location) you need to do my rub" So there you have it people, nightly full body massage for my 2 1/2 year old! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Texas v. Iowa State Recap



Texas 21 Iowa 28

The only thing worth watching was all this cuteness on our sidelines...

Matthew McConaughey with his girlfriend Camila Alves and their son Levi Alves McConaughey, take a closer look at the Bevo mascot prior to kickoff. McConaughey is a graduate of UT Austin.

This sideline sweetness is Jeff D. preposing to Amy H. after the game! 
Congrats guys! 

Why can't we all just listen to Mack? 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

First Parenting Tip of the week

And by parenting tip of the week I mean it's a tip for ME to apply to my world for a week. I am by no means giving out any parenting advice to ANYONE ELSE! I do abide by the golden rule of motherhood and thats don't offer advice to other parents unless they ask you for it.
With my cute faced devil child well into the terrible two's It's time for me to put a little focus on curbing some of the behavior issues Miss C has been displaying.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Texas v OU weekend recap

Yeah Yeah better late than never ...right?

Mr. and Mrs. Collins
The boys

Yes thats right! I can ride! 

Every year we try the newest fried food. This year it was fried beer...

We had such high hopes

"R" taking the first bite
best described as ravioli fried and injected with beer
Stick with the Fletchers Corn Dog!

The fair was also educational, for "R" at least. I got yelled at by the  Chopper man! 

If your a regular to the Red River Rivalry like us then I know you have wondered what people do when they win one of those huge stuffed creatures and then it's time to go to the game. REALLY don't be the guy that drags that thing in and makes everyone around you suffer! It's not like seats are cheep and this pig needs it's own seat. Then Mannon so kindly pointed out... Thats just a female sooner with a kind longhorn fan helping her out of the stadium! 

Texas 20 Oklahoma  28


Monday, October 11, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010


This week the Lake Travis firefighters and firetruck visited the school. It was very exciting for the toddlers to see them up-close. We always see them go by, but seeing the firefighters put their uniform on, get in the firetruck, and touch the firetruck was a great experience for our Raccoons. I wish we could have taken more pictures, but it was difficult to do when you have 15 toddlers exploring a firetruck :)  If you want to see some  images of this visit click here
password "raccoons"

Firemen 022

Monday, October 4, 2010

Good Habits

We try to meet at least every other week for a lunch date with "Pika" grandpa. Miss C loves her Pika. This was a picture of Miss C feeding Pika cookies at maggianos.

Campbell's First Hair Cut

Last week Campbell had her first haircut! It had grown a little wild and unruly.

Before: wild hair
(thats our at home quickie pedicure)

 She made a friend & they played Wii

And no trip to the salon is complete with out a new bow! Campbell picked this new purple one! I was so proud!

It's Fall and I'm Falling behind!

Where oh where does the time go this time of year? When it's 105 outside I can't pass the time fast enough now it feels wonderful out and I have a new pep in my step and there I go falling behind!
Fall family pictures need to be planned and taken, decorations put up, Raccoons class basket planned, fall festival at SITH staffed, trip to the pumpkin farm, football season and of course I'm so behind on blogging! I promised myself I would write one post a week (on average) this first year. I am heading to Chicago on Wednesday morning for a little work project. I got to thinking and this will be the first time I have travled with out Trey in 3 1/2 years and then it hit me... Trey will be alone with Campbell for 3 days! he has done an overnight alone before but never 3 days!!!! Panic is setting in!  I better get caught up!