Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hello dust bunnies, good to see you have moved in

Since February we have steadily been on the road. 
Disney World 

Aspen Co. 


Horseshoe Bay Resort Hotair balloon festival & Easter

Palm Desert, California for Coachella 

Throw in 2 baby showers, rodeo, 2 concerts, 3 of us had birthdays and potty training twins! 

I'm not complaining because I have a serious case of wonderlust, but I can say home life is rather a mess! Clutter is stacking up, dust is piling up and I'm not getting anything done till the day before it's due! I write more blog post about how I miss writing blog post than any other subject! 

I think I need to be locked in my house with cleaning supplies for a stright 24 hours! 
But when you live in a amazing city like Austin there is always something fun to do! Eeyore's birthday is this weekend along with some fun kids parties not to mention a charity brunch, NKOTB concert and Mother's Day are right around the corner.
 Oh well I'll clean when I'm dead! Now I shall go finish my Disney blog post!