Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Fathers day 2014

Happy Father's Day Mr T! 



Some things never change! 

Thanks for being the leader of our wolf pack! Your look of sheer panic is subsiding! Sort of

cheap and easy keep'um busy

It's summer time and the "I'm board" is already starting! I thought if share one of our favorite, and cheapest, activities that's good for mixed age groups. 

1 old school can of shave cream
1 set of food coloring
inflatable pool
water hose

While at the store I picked up the cheapest shaving cream I could find. The old fashioned cream not the gel. $1.35 woop woop so I got three! This activity is easy to bust out in a pinch so I keep spare shaving cream on hand.

I got out our trusty inflatable pool that stays blown up in my garage and boy has it been worth every penny. 

Then I did a little refresher lesson on primary colors and mixing colors with Miss C. Then I let her fill a muffin pan with shaving cream and begin to expirment with food coloring drops to make different colors. 

That's about as long as I could hold the twins off from getting involved so I made them their own pans of colored cream and stripped them down to diapers 

After mixing I let all three kids just go crazy in the inflatable pool! 

I have seen this as a DIY for bath tub paints on interest. I can not advise this one bit! The food coloring does stain the skin a little so I can only imagine what it would do to grout, towels, shower curtains, ect. The best part of this is the water hose bath everyone gets at the end! And they all smell really nice! 

For around $5 we will do this 3 different times, maybe invite the neighbor kids over!
Sorry in advance neighbors for the blue naked babies in my yard!!  

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Not So Fancy

I was already Girl Crushing on the ladies over at The Girls with Glasses but now I am officially 
Last week in Vegas I went from club, to bar, to pool in search of hearing  Fancy by Iggy Azalea as many times as humanly possible. Just when I thought I got my fill Girls With Glass did this parody. The mother of all funnies! And every lyric is the story of my life!