Saturday, February 27, 2010

A busy 2 weeks ahead

I wanted to make a little blog now about how busy the next two weeks will be so that when I look back and can't remember why I did not blog I will see that I excused myself ahead of time !

We are exactly 1 week till we leave for Beaver Creek, Colorado and three weeks from Campbell and Trey birthday party with a few events in between. This week is filled with appointments, pick up some new ski gear that I really need (I swear) and a list of things I need to get done for the party. Campbell with go to the farm Saturday the 6th, the Collins and the Fierke's head for snow on the 7th! That will give me one week to do every thing for the party when we get back.

Speaking of the party, the guest list is growing and growing. After last year's 100 person guest list I decided to scale it down...ok Trey might have forced me to, but there are just some people I want there to see Campbell turn 2!  Not to mention my family alone is 10! I thought last year was perfect but this year is even more fun to plan. Campbell's personality is really coming out and I wanted the party to be all about what she loves... Sweets, colors and Yo Gabba Gabba! We are having the party at our house this year and yes I am nervous. I have never had that many people over before and our year looks like crap from all the freezes. Maybe I can talk my green thumbed mom into planting a few flowers for me!

Here is a look back at some first Birthday pictures... How can she be 2 already!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow in Texas???

It's a rare thing to actually see snow accumulate on the ground in Texas but we got a quick glimpse this past Tuesday! For a couple of hours there was actual white snow falling! Campbell and Ryker treated it like bubbles, they ran around the yard trying to catch there snow. I am for sure inspired to get Campbell on the ski slops next year! She loves cold weather and does not mind being bundled up.

The snow left as quickly as it can and we were out running the hike and bike trail the very next day. But it was fun for all while it lasted, Ryker had a little to much fun and that resulted in a mid day bath! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A day at the Zoo

Saturday we took a little road trip down to the San Antonio zoo. I have been asking Trey to do this ever since I saw that it was rated in the top 10 zoo's in America in Parenting magazine. It is a big zoo and compared to what Austin calls a zoo it is great. I'm not sure I would put it in the top 10 but none the less Campbell loved it ! Next up is to take Trey to the Tyler zoo, which by the way is way cleaner! 

Here is special agent Oso posing for a picture with Campbell and I. 
This was the coolest thing I had ever seen. 2 hippos went for a swim. They could stay underwater for so long with out coming up for air! 

When she wants ice-cream she wants "ice it up" now! As you can see we caved and got to the ice-cream stand asap!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The great egg debate

Egg Beaters Original(R) 

As usual Trey is on his annual January - February diet and detox. Which if you don't know also means he will not touch a drop of alcohol. Fun I know! Well this "Diet" is in someway related to the no carb diet. Trey, as anyone who has ever cooked for him knows, will only eat egg whites. Being the caring wife I am bought the egg beaters, you know 99.9% egg whites! Yeah healthy and a time saver! Nope Trey swears they taste different and they are yucky because they have a yellow tent! He wants fresh cracked eggs each morning Mind you I bought them at costco so we have at least 10 dozen eggs worth! I vote he gets over it and it's mind over matter! He says no way! Sooooooo Who wins? Amber Or Trey? At least Campbell is decisive, she hates any and all eggs!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Before Valentines becomes a distant memory

I wanted to share a few pictures and sentiments from Valentines weekend. Times goes by so quickly that I am really going to have to remember to blog it as soon as it happens or a week will pass before I know it. 

Now every time the doorbell rings Campbell thinks it will be for her and it is surly to result in a gift to open! 

Happy Birthday Grandma Sandy

We just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Grandma Sandy!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Party with the Raccoons

This past Friday I had my first duty as room parent in the Raccoons room. Let me just say I admire preschool teacher more than ever now! Four adults and 18 toddlers was crazy! The party was a lot of fun, the kids had so much food and candy! The kids took turns passing out Valentines which turned to madness very quickly when they started to figure out candy was inside many of the cards! You can see Campbell screaming in the 3rd picture, well let's just say it is going to take some time for her to get used to having mommy in the class room. she did not share me well.  (yes I am a little flattered)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The better late than never weekend recap

Well my goal was one blog during the week and one weekend posting. I'm already behind! I got the very exciting new late Friday afternoon that I would become the new room parent for the Raccoons! I was of course thrilled and Trey pooped in his pants! He has attempted to forbid me from hosting ANYTHING including a birthday party for Campbell! Yeah right like he will ever win on this subject.

On to the weekend... Trey played an early morning round of golf while our very sweet neighbor Mrs. Nicholson asked Campbell to come over and decorate cookies with her two grand- daughters. Campbell had a total blast and was on her best behavior! What a relief, I had visions of Grumpy (Mr. Nicholson ) living up to his name when campbell had red icing all over his house. But she was perfect!

Next we were off to Jackson Danney's 1st birthday party at the UTGC. We have known Melissa and Chris for over a year now and were excited to go to the Barn Yard Party. They had a petting zoo with all sorts of animals, bunnies big and small, chicken, ducks, goats and best of all a pony. Campbell went all decked in her western wear and Lucy gave her for Christmas. By 4pm we were off the the third party of the day. Keeton Colca's 7th birthday.

By Saturday evening and our fourth engagement Trey was feeling really sick. So it was up to Campbell and I to attend head off to meet "Crulie" (Chris & Julie) with 5 month old William and Mannon. Campbell was of course totally entertained by Mannon and he was so sweet to let her feed him beens and rice. By the end of diner Campbell had discovered my Mac lip gloss.. Mannon got a few shots before I panicked and prayed for my white shirt! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

groundhog in Pennsylvania has no relevance to Texas... therefore...Bee Cave Bob the armadillo

Armadillo 'Bee Cave Bob' emerges from his burrow at the West Pole in Bee Cave during the first annual Armadillo Day on Tuesday Feb. 2, 2010. It was determined by 'weatherologist' Al Manack that the movements of the armadillo suggested the planting of crops should begin in three or four weeks. The Benevolent Knights of the Raccoon hosted the Texas-style Groundhog Day because they believe a groundhog in Pennsylvania has no relevance to Texas or Texans.

Bob is just excited he is not road kill! 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Recap

After 3 days with Campbell being sick I was so tired!  Campbell was up so much during the night "we" (I) got very little sleep this week. It was also cold and rainy, moms of toddlers really hate cold and rain because we know that means no outside time and cabin fever sets in quick. So before campbell and I killed each other I moved the back yard slide inside! Yes it looks a little red neck but happy baby means sane mommy! Trey came home around 7 pm and  we made a pizza and everyone tucked in early. 
Campbell went to her second basketball game of the season. Texas v. Baylor. She LOVES basketball games. She cheers with the band and has the hand motions almost perfect! She is so funny she keeps all the people around us entertained and people are always taking her picture. Sadly the game was a loss for Texas after the game went into over time

After the game we rushed back out to Steiner Ranch to attend a neighborhood party for baby Marcus Lamkin. The party was hosted by Liz and Eric Elek. Liz was the perfect hostess of course. We enjoyed getting to know our newest neighbors Max, Cindy and Allen Jordan. Campbell had fun playing with the balloons and Henrick. After a a plate of cheese and avocado Campbell made her way to the dessert! cupcakes from Hey Cupcake! Our favorite! She had lot's of help from Daddy when it came time for cupcakes!

Watching the Grammy Awards 2010

Grammy Night Favorites

We watched all 3 hours of the Grammy awards tonight. That is more TV than we watch all week in this house! Over all we all agreed it was a little slow. But the fashion was interesting thanks to several Lady Gaga inspired outfits. I loved the strong presence of country music this year and the lack of Kanye West presence! Taylor got to except her awards in peace! 
 Here are a few of our favorites!

WINNER: "Use Somebody" - Kings Of Leon

"Halo" - Beyoncé

I Gotta Feeling - The Black Eyed Peas

"Poker Face" - Lady Gaga

"You Belong With Me" - Taylor Swift


WINNER: Fearless - Taylor Swift

I Am... Sasha Fierce - Beyoncé

The E.N.D. - The Black Eyed Peas

The Fame - Lady Gaga

Big Whiskey And The Groogrux King - Dave Matthews Band


WINNER: "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" - Beyoncé
Thaddis Harrell, Beyoncé Knowles, Terius Nash & Christopher Stewart, songwriters

Poker Face" - Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga & RedOne, songwriters

"Pretty Wings" - Maxwell
Hod David & Musze, songwriters

"Use Somebody" - Kings Of Leon
Caleb Followill, Jared Followill, Matthew Followill & Nathan Followill, songwriters

"You Belong With Me" - Taylor Swift
Liz Rose & Taylor Swift, songwriters

WINNER: Zac Brown Band

Keri Hilson
Silversun Pickups
The Ting Tings


WINNER: The E.N.D. - The Black Eyed Peas

Breakthrough - Colbie Caillat

All I Ever Wanted - Kelly Clarkson

The Fray - The Fray

Funhouse - Pink

And I LOVE Lady Gaga but my gosh could she be any weirder? 
Alfoil or alien life form? ... Lady Gaga spikes Alcan's share price. <em>Photo: Getty Images</em>

And this picture is for Trey... he is Marissa Millers biggest fan for over ten years now! Yes. You are thinking correctly, that makes him a stalker. 
Marisa Miller arrives on the red carpet at the 52nd Grammy Awards. <em>Photo: AFP</em>