Thursday, March 12, 2015

Disney World 2015 Part 1 {Packing}

I have found to the key to a successful trip with kids starts with the planning. My nature is more of a wanderlust traveler and I like to let the culture be my guide. With kids…NOT SO MUCH! 

With toddlers I know that surprises will come up, tantrums will happen and clothes will need to be changed. The more organized and simplified I can make packing the more help I have found my husband can be. When it’s all just up in my head then obviously only I can execute. So with this in mind I have developed my packing strategy! 

Step 1: I write out how many outfits I will need and pull up the weather report for the days we will be gone. Then I go one kid at a time and pull the outfits together making sure they are good for what ever activity we have planned for the day (ie. travel day is always soft clothes) 

Step 2: I place each outfit in a gallon zip lock bag with EVERYTHING they need to get dressed. Diaper, socks, hair bow, hair tie ect. The thought behind this is that the kids should be able to dress themselves with minimal help and questions. When left with a suit case of clothes I find they spend more time digging around and throwing clothes on the ground. Also when I tell Mr. T to dress a kid it ends up being me doing it because he can't put an outfit together to save his life and I end up dressing all three kids plus myself and we are 1.5 hours into the day and I’m already tired. With the clothes pre bagged everyone just takes their bag and gets stated. 

  • this saves a ton of room in the suit case when you press all the air out. 

When we get home each evening I ask the kids to just put the clothes in a pile and I collect all the dirties into a trash bag. One for kids and another for adults. This saves me a ton of time when we get home because they are already separated kids/adults; dirty/clean so can just throw each load into the wash. 

My packing assistants

And presto only hours of folding left!