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Texas v Texas and the history of Hook'em Horns

Since last week was a HUGE game for the horns I SUCK for not blogging the recap till now! 

Last Saturday the horns took on our rival Texas Tech. The is also a little friendly neighborly rivalry. Our neighbors papered our house the last time Tech one so I am happy to report we returned the favor this year by hanging Bevo flags in our dining room windows which forces them to see them overtime they look out their kitchen windows! I love our neighbors! 
Texas 24 Tech 14

So I'll  say it now...

The History of Hook'em Horns

University of Texas at Austin cheerleader Harley Clark knew what he was going to teach football fans at a 1955 pep rally was going to catch on faster than poodle skirts and leather jackets. It had to. After all, the Texas A&M Aggies' "Gig 'em" gesture had been around for years.
Clark sold the student body on the symbolic approximation of the horns of Longhorn mascot Bevo and, thus, began the "Hook 'em Horns" hand signal.
The salute quickly took its place beside the university traditions of singing The Eyes of Texas and lighting the Tower orange.
Fellow student Henry Pitts, who had come up with the Longhorn sign during an inspired game of shadow casting, had shown Clark the sign three days before the Texas Christian University game.
At the Gregory Gym pep rally for that game, Clark showed everyone how to make the Horns hand sign and then proclaimed it to be used from that time forward. By the thousands, the university faithful extended their pinkies and index fingers toward heaven.
"A lot of my friends thought it would be too corny, but I thought it was perfect," said Clark in a recent interview. "Everyone walked out of Gregory Gym that night crazy with it."
The next day at the game, Clark watched the "Hook 'em Horns" gesture surge around the stadium from one side to the other. "TCU had a fine team," he said. "We had to make up in spirit what we lacked on the football field."
In the mid-1950s, Clark was head cheerleader at the university, a position that was elected by the student body.
"It was second only in importance to the Texas governor," he laughed. "I loved the university so much I stayed for nine years (earning undergraduate and master's degrees in government and a law degree)."
A major influence on his life was the late historian and university Professor Walter Prescott Webb.
A retired state district judge, Clark now lives in Dripping Springs, where he grows flowers and vegetables.
He was the judge who ruled in 1987 the state's system of public school finance was unconstitutional because it discriminated against students in property-poor districts. When he hung up his robes in 1989, Clark joined the Austin office of the Houston-based law firm of Vinson &Elkins for 10 years.
He remains connected to the university through the Friar Society, Tejas Club, the Ex-Students' Association and the Cowboys Alumni group.
Clark still is introduced at university events as the person who introduced the "Hook 'em" sign. At the recent 2001 Gone to Texas event for new students, Clark recalled the birth of the gesture to the crowd:
"Our team, the band and the cheerleaders were on the stage at Gregory Gym. After conducting the regular pep rally, I got the crowd quiet and began explaining to them: 'You know how the Aggies have the "Gig 'Em" thumbs-up hand sign (doing it as I spoke). I do not know of any other college with a hand signal. But it is time we had one, too.'"
And, as they had done 46 years before, a roar went up from the crowd and everyone happily and friskily waved "Hook 'em Horns."

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's time for some shout outs!

Being new to this blogging world I have talked mostly about Miss C (97%) the weird world of surviving suburbia (2%) and anything involving other people (a sad 1%). So it's time to remember Why I Am Writing this Blog in the First Place. So here are some special people in our lives that we want to remember what was important in their lives in 2010!

Collins Kudos go out to:

Ganny and Pop 
(aka Lea Ann and Joel my parents)

Couples Trail fishing tournament

Lake Palestine, TX - September 18,19

Click to view DSC00103.JPG

PlaceAngler #1Angler #2
Day 1 # Fish
Day 1 Lbs.
Day 2 # Fish
Day 2 Lbs.
Total Fish
Total Lbs.
1Diane RichmanRayford Richman
 2Joyce BraceyRobbie Bracey
3Lea Ann HowellJoel Howell
4Beth WrightRicky Phillips
5Suzie MossJoe Moss
6Linda O'DonnellJames O'Donnell
7Gretchen JonesTommy Jones
8Pam HowardDarrell Kroll
That chart above is greek to me but I get that they won 3rd place. I think the real Kudos is for not killing each other! 10 hour day on a hot boat looking for fish with my husband - Disaster! But Ganny did not kill Pop.. woooo!

And another Collins Kudo going out to: 

Jake Nash
#7 quarter back for the Cayuga Wildcats
(my only boy cousin and Miss C's uncle figure)

The Cayuga Wildcats extended their winning streak to 17 straight games Friday, defeating previously undefeated Buffalo, 32-20, in Buffalo.

Jake Nash through for 224 yards and three touchdowns in the win, which saw Cayuga lead only 13-7 at halftime before turning it on in the third quarter.

C.J. Wagner extended his white-hot start to the 2010 campaign, catching four Nash passes for 114 yards and score, his eighth touchdown on the year.

                              Jake with the ball                               Pop and Miss C watching the first scrimmage 

My Papa being a supportive fan

and embarrassing pep rally pictures

gosh I miss Pep Rallies

For Scores, Schedules & photo's click here

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Housewives Obsession 

America is obsessed with housewives! I admit it, so am I. Be it the entertainment industry version or the real life version I live with everyday. 

First off what is a "housewife"? It is most certainly not just SAHMs ( for those of you who don't live in a housewife bubble that short for stay at home mom). Working mom's and wives are housewives too. Bravo has done a fine job of letting us into the lives of The Real Housewives of OC, Atlanta, New York, New Jeresy, D.C. & soon Beverly Hills. I know a lot of "housewives" and I can name on 1 hand the women who look as good as these housewives do all times. And if you are a mom of a child 3 and under and look foxy even one day a week cheers to you! 

Thicker Than Water The Grape Stomp of Wrath New Attitude, Same ATL
 The Real Housewives of Orange County: Season 2 The Real Housewives of New York: Season Two

Now Dr. Phil is taking a turn. This is sure to be entertaining! And of course one of them is not and never has been married. How is she a house wife? 

Maybe Dr. Phil needs to read my post aboutThe Momshell. 
When did this phenomena start? 21st century housewife is so unlike all the housewives from past generations. The evolution of feminism colliding with June Clever ambitions have given us this new breed of housewife. 
and my DVR and I are LOVING IT! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

2 things you want to accomplish before the end of the year. 

1. Stop feeling guilty for saying "no." Feeling bad for not attending everything, volunteering every time, not giving money, not signing up for the care calendar.. ect. 

2. FRP - friend reduction program as I have so sweetly named it. I want to put my time and energy into people who enhance my life. No more toxic relationships, friends because our kids are the same age, friends because we were friends in college and now have nothing in common. Foster the relationships that really bring good things to my family. You all know what I mean. I want to put more energy into the lives of people who really know me and my family where caring and sharing is mutual for each other. If I accomplish #2 then it should solve #1 right? 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Texas v Wyoming

Campbell's first Tailgate of the season! As you can see she had a blast!
34-7 Texas

Mack Brown had said last week that he wanted to see some emotion from his players and fans.
The Texas coach finally got some late in the first half Saturday night — but it came from the little patch of yellow in the southeast corner of the Royal-Memorial Stadium stands after Wyoming quarterback Austyn Carta-Samuels scrambled 18 yards for the score that gave the Cowboys a 7-6 lead.
It wasn't quite what Brown had in mind. But sanity was quickly restored, and it was a heralded Longhorns freshman who played a huge role in providing it, as No. 5 Texas overcame a sluggish start to post a 34-7 victory before a crowd of 101,339.
Mike Davis was one of the hot stories coming out of fall camp. The wide receiver from Dallas Skyline showed why in the first half's waning moments, providing several of the sparks that finally jump-started the Longhorns' offense for the first time this young season.
Over the final 150 seconds of the first half, the 6-foot, 2-inch, 183-pound Davis accounted for three of his seven total catches and 61 of his 104 yards. He converted the final reception of that span, on a mid-length crossing route, into a 45-yard touchdown play when he circled back to his right after the catch and outlegged cornerback Marcell Gipson to the end zone.
Davis' catch was the second of two lightning-bolt touchdowns for the Longhorns. The first came when Texas answered Carta-Samuel's touchdown with a 69-yard scoring march capped by backup tailback Fozzy Whittaker's career-long 39-yard burst up the middle to give the Longhorns the lead for good, 13-7.
"I said, 'Offense, we have to go answer the bell,'" Whittaker said .
"When they got behind, they didn't like that," Brown added . "Coming back like that really jump-started us. It was really a good sign."
So was the emergence of Davis, who didn't catch any passes in the season-opening victory over Rice.
He was especially important Saturday night because receivers Marquise Goodwin and John Chiles both suffered minor injuries in the first half.
"We were thin there," Brown said. "Mike caught the ball well. He didn't have a drop, and he made yards after the catch."
Despite opening up the offense more than they had last week when they were hellbent on running the ball, the Longhorns essentially took up where they left off against Rice.
They were strangers to the end zone until the first half's closing burst and their first possession of the second half, when they drove 61 yards in 10 plays, capped by the first of Cody Johnson's two short touchdown runs.
"I see flashes of things that are extremely exciting," offensive coordinator Greg Davis said after Texas ran 29 times for 167 yards and Garrett Gilbert completed 22 of 35 passes for 222 yards. "But inconsistency is the thing we have to work on this week."
Gilbert, who on Saturday will experience the most hostile environment he's seen this season when Texas opens Big 12 play at Texas Tech, added: "I felt like we were able to find what we wanted as the game went on."
For the sophomore quarterback, that primarily was his freshman receiver. Mike Davis was Gilbert's target on the first two completions of the go-ahead scoring drive capped by Whittaker.
"Mike's a very smart guy," Gilbert said. "He did a great job of making plays and running after the catch."
Davis demonstrated that on his first collegiate reception.
On the opening play of the second quarter, Gilbert found Davis on a swing pass to the left flat, and he split two defenders for a 30-yard play that should have been a minimal gainer.
Gilbert also provided some big moments. On the play before Whittaker's score, he rolled right, and the threat of a scramble forced Wyoming linebacker Ghaali Muhammad to leave Texas tight end Barrett Matthews to take Gilbert. Gilbert responded with a 19-yard pass to Matthews.
Then, on Texas' opening drive of the second half, Gilbert showed athleticism by scrambling up the middle on a third-down play and hurdling Muhammad en route to an 11-yard gain.
"Not since the seventh grade," Gilbert said with a laugh, when asked if he'd ever hurdled a defender before. "I don't know where that came from."
Greg Davis, not thrilled with seeing his quarterback vulnerable with both feet off the ground, added: "We're going to try to prevent you from seeing that again."
But there is plenty the Longhorns showed, from their last two possessions of the first half and first possession of the third quarter, that they do want to see again, especially from Mike Davis.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Could the Collins Clan be growing?

Yes you read that right, the Collins Clan is growing. We are welcoming a new addition to the family! We have considered this for a while now but would never take the plunge but once this opportunity was presented to us we could not say no.
We proudly welcome 
Lucy Burnett Collins
August 22, 2004

Lucy is a sweet 6 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (just like Ryker). Lucy's former family has had her since she was a baby but their human children are growing up and just don't have the time they used to.  If you know anything about the Cavilers they are very needy of their humans and do not like to be alone. Lucy is making a great companion for Ryker. Campbell is tickled pink to have a girl dog, literally pink. Campbell already made me put a pink bow on her collar and is asking for a pink leash. She was been with us for 1 week today and has been a perfect angle! Sorry Michael your not getting her back!