Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday house

We moved in 3 years ago today! If your doing the math you will notice we moved into the house when Miss C was 1 week old. Needless to say I remember nothing about the move! Thats the thing with building a house, you never know exactly when it will be completed. 

If you remember we had the house up for sale a while back. Well nothing has changed we still want to move back into town and the house will be listed in the MLS gain within the next two weeks. As ready as we are to get back into town and off scrapbook island I will miss this house. It holds memories of so many first for my little family. I designed it, furnished it and boy have we lived in it. 

Swimming Lessons

Emler Swim School 

Here is the program Miss C will be working on over the next 11 weeks. 

Aquatots (AQ)

3-year old's who cannot swim without flotation. Themes and games entertain tots while learning to move through the water for five feet.

Advanced Aquatots (AAQ)

3-year old's who already move five feet through the water. Themes and games entertain tots as they learn to swim ten feet and start a rollover breath while swimming.

Super Aquatots (SAQ)

3-year old's who already swim ten feet. Tots learn to swim 15 feet while getting a rollover breath.

X-treme Aquatots (XAQ)

3-year old's who swim 15 feet. Themes and games make swim class fun as tots are challenged to swim 20 feet while getting a rollover breath.

It was a little ruff at first but I think Miss C was overwhelmed by all the people. It's a very busy place and multiple classes going on at once. But I went to the edge of the pool with her and I get to sit only about 5 feet away from the pool. Once she got going she did great. They did not take her under water since it was her first day. They are working on Jump-turn-find the Wall. I really thought that was great. It shows them how to get to the edge then hold on. They also are teaching them to get out of the pool without steps. All in the event they fall in they have skills to get themselves out. 
She is a good listener and I think she will grasp the skills pretty quick. At least she will get 4 lessons in before she goes to Ganny's house for her long visit in April. The teacher said until they are 4 they should not be more than arms legenth away at all times if they are not good swimers and that some adult should always have their eyes on the water. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stay at home mom's v The WORLD!

Ok I need to vent a little today. I know the mommy bloggers will be supportive on the subject on SAHM v Working Moms. Personally I don't think there is anything wrong with either choice, it's a personal and family specific decision. Oh course here in Scrap book island SAHMs are the majority and working moms still cater highly to their children's lives. I often forget until I leave the island how brutal and hurtful some peoples options of SAHMs can be. Long ago I started answering the question "what do you do all day" with " I take bubble baths and eat bon bons" and I walk away. This has really been bothersome to me ever since I had my daughter. Maybe because on the whole my husbands social group is highly educated, successful and don't have children. At least thats the case of the one's who make me feel like a second class citizen for being a SAHM.

A while back I had a very ruff night of sitting at a table with one such person. She even went as far as to snub the girl next to me thinking we were SHAMs together or just plain snubbed her for being with a person she has zero respect for. Funny when she learned the girl with me is a lawyer her whole demeanor changed, towards her at least.

After being offered a job last week and turning it down, I was reminded of this night by my husband. My blood started to boil and I decided to vent here.

Dear Dr. Judgmental,
Don’t think you were not beyond obvious at the dinner table when you literally talked over my head because you feel I have nothing to contribute to the conversation. You are correct in the fact that I don’t work, you are correct in the fact that I don’t hold a doctorate degree but I am by NO stretch of the imagination am I uneducated. If your so smart than why can’t you figure out that it’s not what you “do” for a living that makes you  worthy of conversation. If you spent less time judging me for “not working” and a little more time getting to know me you would understand you might just not know what you are talking about. 
Dr. you are entitled to your opinion but that should not excuse you from having some manors. Congratulations on your successful medical practice. See it’s easy be supportive of your fellow womankind. You need not be a frigid bitch and snub your nose to stay at home moms. You don’t have any children and maybe when you do I’ll snub my nose at you for having a nanny raise your children for you. Get off your peddle stool and try the age old “until you walk a mile in my shoes” 
How come if I stay at home with me child I’m considered not working but if I employ a nanny to do my exact same job she is considered working? So because she gets paid to do it she gets more respect? 
I can respect the wonderful work you do for your patients but I have no respect for you as a woman. Here is my wish for you Dr., I hope one of these days you give birth to a beautiful baby and fall madly in love as mothers do. It is then that you will finally start to understand my world. I hope for you that you understand their is no better caretaker for your child than yourself. Even if you don’t become a SAHM I know you will understand the women who choose to. It is then that I will feel you  have something to contribute to a conversation. Because it will not be until then that you have any right to judge. 
You know what my job is Dr? I’m my daughters mother and damn proud of it! 

Monday, March 21, 2011

3rd Birthday take one! The Montessori Way

On Friday we celebrated Campbell 3rd birthday! We started the morning off by giving her a present from Mommy and Daddy. I wanted to get her something special that was not just another toy. Inspired by her new classroom and the montessori way of loving nature and giving children age appropriate responsibilities I choose to get Miss C 2 African dwarf frogs! This was a big step for me as I am not a huge fan of amphibians but they are really little and cute! They are VERY low maintenance having to be fed only 2 days a week (toad tuesday & frog fridays) and cleaning their water every 3 months. They have a long life span and well they are flat out funny to watch. 
Here are the new member of our little family. Miss C found her bennie baby frog and set it by the new frogs to keep them warm she said. I just waiting for the day I find her holding one eeeek! 

We sent Miss C off to school and met back up with her later to have her Montessori birthday celebration in her class room. A few of her friends from her old toddler room even got to come over to celebrate with us. Miss C choose to have a Strawberry shortcake them for this party.
In a Montessori classroom the birthday child holds the earth or a globe and walks around  the sun or a candle. The walk represents the earth revolving around the sun. The child walks around as many years old he or she is and stops on the month and date he or she was born.
The birthday celebration is a fun way to introduce the concepts of months, days of the month, the earth, the sun, and how the earth revolves around the sun. 
Yes I made these! cause I know my friends question my honesty 
when it comes to my baking

Each child makes a timeline poster of their life for year old they are

My little earth circling the sun. 

Time for strawberry cupcakes

Dance party time! 

Add caption
It's good to be 3! 

Friday, March 18, 2011

On March 18th 2008 
our beautiful
Campbell Sienna 
came into our lives

You changed our lives forever. You changed me forever. In an instant I was responsible for this tiny human. I fell in love with our time together just you and me as you nursed. I loved watching you charm everyone around you. Some things have not changed, you are very much the charmer. 

And in the blink of an eye you turned 1

I cried for a week leading up to your first birthday. How could time go by so fast? If only I knew it would just continue to speed up even more. 

at 15 months you learned to walk

at 18 months you started school

You are such a Mamma's baby

Before I realized it another birthday was here and you turned 2! 

Campbell you are the center of our universe. You make your mommy and daddy better people. You have so much personality you are unbelievably entertaining. I love how you care so much about the people (and animals) around you. You have no fear, none, and that scares me to death! You have your daddy totally wrapped around your finger. You call everyone Ms.- Ms. Mommy, Ms. Daddy, Ms. Sean. You surprise us everyday with how smart and preceptive you are. 

  We will be here to encourage you, teach you, foster your creative mind, but most of all 
Love You Unconditionally 

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Love Mommy

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Embrace The Camera: March 17 Happy St. Patrick's Day

Todays Embrace the camera we did just us girls and the self timer on our Nikon! 
It was a Beautiful St. Patty's day in Our back yard! 

Do you need to embrace the camera?
head over to 

Leave me a comment if you embraced the camera I love to see everyones pictures! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mommy Doesn't always know best

Thanks Melissa for capturing the "strong willed" side of my child!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Urban Cowboys

I'v been planning a "cowgirl" themed party for Miss C next week but I had no idea and was totally shocked when Mr. T and crew turned his 38th birthday into a bad rendition of Urban Cowboy. Dancing and Bull riding included!

the day started as planned with lunch at ski shores with friends.

The Fierkes
The sun was out in full force and much sunscreen was applied to Mannon
Mr T's first beer and burger in 64 days! 
Melissa kept the libations flowing

Then we made the move to Little Woodrows Down Town to watch the Texas basketball game.

and more food was had

Meet Devon Mr.T and I's black child & Miss C's Guncle

How sweet. Lovers maybe?

And Now For The Best Part
Mr T
Rick Flow!