Tuesday, July 30, 2013

11 months have come and almost gone

Where has the time gone? I'm intended to sit down and write this post for WEEKS! The Twins are 1 week away from turning 1. It feels like I blinked and they are not babies anymore sniff sniff. Mr. T said this morning " wow next week they will be one" I said how it has just flown by. It was obvious by the look on his face maybe it has not exactly flown by to him.

Month 11 has been the most changeling by far. I said it a million times that I knew when they got mobil it would be a game changer! Oh has it ever! I'll put it in writing right here that I'm running away when they learn to walk!

You not only started crawling with great speed but you started crawling on all fours.
You pull up to standing on everything!
You wear a size 4 diaper (and still HATE to poop)
You wear size 12 month clothes
You are still the most loving little boy I have ever been around
you almost always have a smile on your face showing off all your teeth. 8 to be exact with 2 more on the way.
You STILL wake up for a bottle at 4am most days

You started crawling about 2 weeks after your brother. Your never going to let him do something you can't!
Your still crawling on your belly
You can pull up to standing but would rather just be carried.
You wear size 4 diapers
You wear 12 month clothes
You run the show around here.  You are very funny
You taught your brother how to throw things over the balconey
Your sister taught you how to "shake" it so cute she will tell you to shake and you start shaking your head and laughing
You still don't like turkey
Your getting 4 teeth all at the same time! It's not pretty. You are waking up several times a night in pain & always pulling at your ears. I put a Amber teething necklace on you. I have no idea if its helping but I'm scared to take it off! 
You like music! When ever you hear music you stop and tune in! 
You say Dada ... All the time

On the whole:
In 5 days you guys eat (at least) 
2 containers of strawberries 
2 containers of blueberries
20 Plum organics pouches
10 sprout entree dinners
10 yo baby yogurts 
5 string cheeses
1 container of grapes
1 happy baby puffs
3 gerber ill crunchies
2 1/2 gallons of whole milk 
32 oz white grape juice
Cheerios ... Endless 

Around 300 diapers a month

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Camp Brushy Creek!

I have not seen my baby in almost 2 weeks! I'm dying here! Miss C took a trip to grandma's house and does not want to come home! She is being spoiled rotten so why would she?

Undivided attention!

She took her first trip to Six Flags with her Ganny

A weekend away at a Barrel Race with her favorite GodMothers

I know your having fun but we miss you! Come home soon Miss C!

Monday, July 1, 2013



As the rally is happening on the capital lawn let's join forces and #standwithwendy in the blog world as well !
In case you have not heard...

On Monday June 24, the Texas State House voted overwhelmingly to pass a draconian proposal that would ban all abortions after 20 weeks, as well as adding stringent new restrictions on how clinics get licensed. The intent was clear: Supporters of the bill, known as SB 5, openly acknowledged that the law would have closed 37 of the state's 42 clinics, leaving hundreds of thousands of women in Texas and neighboring states like Oklahoma with no way to access abortion care. With a conservative majority in the State Senate and the support of Governor Rick Perry, the measure seemed certain to become law.
But on Tuesday, Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis, backed by an army of feminist supporters, launched an epic 13-hour filibuster and shut the whole thing down.
Davis began her filibuster just after 11 A.M. yesterday, reading aloud testimony from doctors and women who would be impacted by the restrictions. For the filibuster to work, Davis had to speak until midnight – the deadline for the end of a 30-day special session called by Gov. Perry to address left-over GOP priorities like closing nearly all the abortion clinics in the state and redistricting. This wasn't the kind of symbolic filibuster in name only seen in the U.S. Senate: Under Texas' parliamentary rules, Davis was required to speak continuously and only on the topic of the bill the entire time. She couldn't take breaks to eat, take a sip of water or go to the bathroom. She could not lean against anything for support. If Davis broke any of these rules, the filibuster would die and SB 5 would become law.
Just before the midnight deadline, Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst sustained a third and final challenge to Davis' filibuster – this one on the germaneness of discussing the 2011 law that forces Texas women to undergo invasive ultrasounds – and called for a vote. Hundreds of protesters who had gathered in the senate gallery erupted in outrage.
With the clock still running, Davis' colleagues stepped up. State Senator Leticia Van De Putte, who arrived at the Capitol in the afternoon after spending the morning at her father's funeral, challenged Republican leaders at the podium who did not recognize one of her attempts to speak: "At what point does a female senator need to raise her voice to be heard over the male colleagues in the room?" Van De Putte's procedural mic drop prompted even louder, sustained cheering from the crowd; Republicans pounced on the chaos, trying to force through a vote.

So as we go into the second special session let's 
#standforTXwomen !!!!