Monday, March 25, 2013

Princess and the Pop Star 5th birthday

Miss C had her 5th birthday party on Saturday. We had so much fun! The theme was Barbie Princess and the Pop Star

She invited her friends from school and some friends from the neighborhood. Miss Kasey taught them a dance that they preformed for us, they colored, got tattoos, posed for the photo booth & and waked the piƱata.

Security Check

Aiden was front door security

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break in the house of birthdays and vomit

I do! I really miss capturing what's going thru mind here in my little blog. Iv thought of so much to write but have not found the time. Last week was spring break & SXSW, Mr. T turned 40 & i had a happy hour for him on the 12th. Sunday & Monday I had stomach flu, Miss C turned 5 on Monday, Tuesday Mr. T get stomach flu, Baby Rush is constipated & Baby Nixon is teething! To top it off Miss C's big princess and the pop star party is this coming Saturday which thank heavens I started prepping for way back but still have so much to do. She is really looking forward to having all her girlfriends over and I don't want to disappoint her by not doing all the things we have been planning for the party. It feels a lot like college, I need to pull an all-night-er to get this finished. Hummm in college after we pulled all-night-ers, my roommate Alli & I would go have bloody Mary's at The Showplace, some traditions should not change ;)

So here go a marathon recap of our spring break....
Post & Pics to follow


Sunday, March 10, 2013

I told my self so...Month 6

When people ask me if having 3 kids is hard I always laugh and say, "it could be worse and it's not going to get easier". One thing about having a singleton first is that I know the early months are NOT the hard times. Its 6 months plus! Baby starts moving, they gain object permanence (HUGE factor) and they start eating solid food. It's not been to tuff up till this point. As Iv said all along I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop

In the last week it's been one thing after another. The babies are alert and want constant attention. Spring is full of task to complete for Miss C, Mr. T's 40th birthday is coming up and Miss C's 5th birthday.

She had valentines where she picked out really awesome valentines to make then passed out after 3 and left me to finish them.

Kinder garden round up is soon and boy there is a lot of paperwork for that! Not to mention I have to keep printing new copies of documents because I cry on them EVERY time I think of her getting on the bus.

With all the craziness around here I forgot to do a 6 month post on the babies and for the first time I got some great pics of them together!


"Get your ass back over here, your ruining my photo! "