Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hot lil Bambino!

Well Campbell gave us a scare last night when her temperature got to 104. Calling all Doctors! With the advice of Pop, Catherine & Ganny (Ganny wanted to to leave  IMMEDIATELY and go to the ER). We raised the dose of Morton, walked outside in the cool with no clothes and gave a cool sponge bath. After an hour we got her temp down to 100. She also ate a little for the first time. Cheese and crackers with pedisure and lots of popsicles as you can see in the picture.

At 6:30 she came and snuggled in our bed and as you can see by the picture it was not with Trey or myself. Ryker takes full advantage of who ever will sleep the latest.
Unfortunately even after a long rest her temp is back up to 103. We are going to see Dr. Wheelock at 3:20. Hopefully we will know what is going on then and be all fixed up before the weekend!

Will report as soon as I know something

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

sniffle sniffle, snot

Well what do you know, as soon as I start this blogging project motherhood throws me a curve ball! Campbell started out with a sniffle yesterday and by this morning there was that cute little face climbing in our bed at 5:15 am with 102 fever! She has no appetite and has been in bed all day. Thank goodness for Mickey Mouse Club House. The only thing she ask for is coke! Called the doctor and the good news is that she is close enough to two years old that she can actually have some medicine that might help.

As I have expressed my goal is to blog for a year and then print into a book as a family history for the year, now the first real post is that Miss C is sick! But the snot is clear and all moms know clear snot is the best snot!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why we are blogging

I writing this blog so Miss C, Mr. T, Ryker and I can always have special moments of their childhood captured on paper, pictures, and videos in blog form. Before my blog, I have spent the 2 years year of Campbell's life updating photo galleries and facebook weekly. I want to share things with close family and friends in an easy to access format. Now that she is almost 2 I really want something for her to have. My facebook will someday die and where will all those little funny stories be? It was like a full time job and it was hard to really convey those special moments and add my own commentary about our daily adventures. Often things to special to share with my 400 facebook "friends" I had a blog I account I started after reading the book Julie/ Julia project. But I never wrote in it! Who would want to hear my ramblings? After I saw a friends amazing blog that she made into a book after the year was over I was totally inspired! It's so much more than a photo book, it's one of the books you get at a baby shower that never has enough picture room and a diary all in one with as many pictures as I want! And I take a lot of pictures!

My goal is at least one post a week and one over the weekend for a year. Maybe even get Trey to write a few but I will have to teach him what a blog is first.