Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2 legs and 4 legs

 2 legs and 4 legs are the names we lovingly call our two babies Campbell and Ryker. We are those crazy dog people! Ryker is our first baby and he knows it. He sleeps in the bed with us, has dinner with us and for the most part travels with us. When Campbell came along we had high hopes they would be great friends. We got our wish, sort of. Campbell is obsessed with Ryker and he tolerates her! Almost all kids love animals but Campbell has taken it to a whole new level. I almost hate to blog this to the rest of the world but hey this to shall pass !

A while back I gave Campbell gerber puffs for a snack. I saw that she was sweetly sharing her snack with Ryker but then I took a second look... she was lining them up on the floor and eating them just like Ryker! To make it better she followed Ryker to his water bowl. Yep you guessed it! She lapped the water out of the bowl just like Ryker! Thats when I had to intervene.

When I told this story to my father in law he decided it might be a good time to tell me that when she was at his house Campbell ate ice cubes off the floor to be like Belle! ( Belle is Ryker's sister)

Now last but not least as we took a walk last night Campbell was holding the leash, like always, and Ryker went pee pee on a bush. Campbell waisted no time running up to the same bush and hiked her leg!!!!  I just hope this is not Campbell's idea of potty training!

 Campbell just before her 2nd birthday and Ryker is 3 at the hike and bike. 

This was Campbell trying to get Ryker to come take a bath

2& 4 legs when 2 was three months old

Friday, March 26, 2010

Thoughts from Campbell's teacher

I am Re-blogging from Campbell's teacher. I just thought it was such a sweet post about teaching toddlers I had to share. 

Working, Concentrating, & Learning

I often hear things like "I don't know how you are able to work with toddlers," "Is it hard to manage a group of young children?" or "I think you are crazy for wanting to spend your day with babies" (a friend of mine told me this). Yes, toddlers can be difficult sometimes, but I love my job. No, they are not babies; they are capable of amazing things. I won't deny that there are days when I go home exhausted and wonder why I chose this profession, but a hug, a smile, or a funny moment from any of my students makes my day and I forget how tired I am. I love to see the children enjoy life and this energizes me. The moments I love the most are when I see the children working, concentrating, and having fun. If you want to see some photos of the children working click here
Ms Aidee 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Surprises from the 2 year well check

In the right Corner! weighting in at 27 lb. (55%) 33 1/2 inches tall (45%) CAMPBELL COLLINS! 

If your wondering what the percentages after the number are it's ca crazy measuring system used to compare your child to all the other little children in the world. So Campbell is in the 55th percentile and that makes her a little taller than average and perfectly normal. She gets all the hight from me! 

Campbell was a dream child at the Dr. Wheelock's office! She did every test with out a peep and when it came time to get her Hep A vaccine she did not cry a tear! 

Ears on the other had were not perfect. Campbell has an ear infection in both ears. It's not bad but we are trying to clear it but before it does get worse. She is also having some hearing issues in the left ear. We are not in panic mode yet. Dr. W wants to clear up the ear infection and trey the hearing test gain in 2 weeks. So we are keeping our fingers crossed the reason she can not hear out of the left ear has something to do with the fluid on the ear drum and will be all fixed up after a round antibiotics

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We made it back alive ! 1 birthday down 1 to go

We made it back! After five days in Beaver creek and one wild Saturday in the ATX we are still alive. Trey is officially 37 and we are on the count down till Campbell is 2! 2 more days!  I'll be getting the pictures up really soon. I must learn hoe to blog from my iphone!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A few "first" that there is no spot for in the baby book

Here are 3 perfect examples of why I started this blog! There are just some things that baby books don't include a page or even a line to document these type of great miles stones in your child's life! So after this year and I print this blog Campbell will forever have a memento of these funny first! 

Saturday February 27, 2010- First Family Hike 
We took a two hour hike on the Bel Mar trail here is Steiner Ranch. It went great, well, as long as I kept the crackers coming and let campbell drink water from my camel pack (backpack with a water pouch and a long hose to suck the water out) She walked the last 10 or 15 min then we made Trey jog to the car and come pick us up. We hiked well over 3 miles! 

Sunday February 28, 2010 Campbell first baseball game and meeting with Hook'em! 
We went to watch Texas v Stanford play the third game in a series. Texas won of course! Campbell had the best time. She was wild and wanted to be the center of all the action. She did not nap you see and rather then crash she goes crazy with energy. We were in the third base suite when Hook'em came by for a visit. Campbell was smitten! She had no fear and ran right up to him and sat on his knee. She was not happy when he had to leave. I guess she bleeds burnt orange like her parents! Thats a good thing since she is named after a famous Texas Running back! !
Campbell and Trey
Campbell and Sean "Mr. Bean"
And the best of all ... Hook'em!!! Yes that is his name. Bevo is the live steer FYI 

Tuesday March 2, 2010 Campbell eats Ketchup for the first time
I was hoping this would lead to her eating more food but it mostly resulted in a huge mess! We were having lunch with Trey and Grandaddy when Campbell all on her own dove right in to the ketchup. She has never even wanted to trey it before now but something about Elevation Burger just made her try it. She LOVED it. Now all food is just a device to get ketchup into her mouth she will not actually eat what ever the ketchup in on. I swear I don't know how she stays so chunky. She won't eat more than 2 bites of anything! 

When you tell Campbell to smile like daddy this is her impression of him!