Wednesday, January 27, 2010

sniffle sniffle, snot

Well what do you know, as soon as I start this blogging project motherhood throws me a curve ball! Campbell started out with a sniffle yesterday and by this morning there was that cute little face climbing in our bed at 5:15 am with 102 fever! She has no appetite and has been in bed all day. Thank goodness for Mickey Mouse Club House. The only thing she ask for is coke! Called the doctor and the good news is that she is close enough to two years old that she can actually have some medicine that might help.

As I have expressed my goal is to blog for a year and then print into a book as a family history for the year, now the first real post is that Miss C is sick! But the snot is clear and all moms know clear snot is the best snot!


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  1. I like this, but I do not like that your first blog is to report our baby is sick. Give coke. The best medicine!Love you all


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