Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm scared of the D word... DIET

If you know my husband or me then you know we eat like big fat slobs and are not ashamed of it. The difference between us  is T will diet and I will not! I'll run for 2 hours in 103 heat before I'll diet! T on the other had has done every fad diet you can think of. Dieting requires discipline and that is something I lack in MANY areas of my life.  So I have told T he is on his own when it comes to diets. BUT a new diet came out that has caught my attention. It's based on carbs.. my favorite! That and my favorite "skinny jeans" are ummm not comfortable. So I'm going to give this diet a try. I read the book, made a shopping list and took a family trip to the store last night. Today is day 1of the 7 day kick start and I have had breakfast, lunch, snack and could not be more freaking ready for dinner!!! 
I won't tell you all what I weigh but I'll tell you I want to loose 9-10 lbs. T wants to loose 40! So there it is world. Mamma is on a diet! 

Health The Carb Lovers Diet: Eat What You Love, Get Slim For Life


  1. Does this diet let me eat cookies??? If so I am in!

  2. Yes but you do have to make them. But there is a great eating out guide that is really helpful for me cause that is tuff to try to pick off the menu even harder is not eating the end of campbell's mac and cheese! So far the food I have cooked is really good!


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