Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Suburban, Urban and somewhere in between

The house has been packed and unpacked and we are making an attempt to get settled in to our new place. There are till some loose ends to tie up but over all we are moved in. 

We took the BIG leap to URBAN living! We choose to rent a apartment right smack in the middle of Down Town Austin. I couldn't be more excited, I love living close to everything. Sure I have to walk my two dogs several times a day in 102 degree heat and sure I don't have a back yard but babe I got Austin back!  I learned a big lesson, suburbia is not geographical it's a lifestyle. Although my suburbia was only 19 miles from the city center it was a 1000 miles away from what Austin culture stands for. I have been sitting here 20 minuets (shhh don't tell Mr. T cause there is piles of laundry on our bed to be done) trying to think of the words to describe what it is about Austin that I love. I thought of a column I read last week by one of my favorite locals, Kristin Armstrong. The column was titled The Plague and talked about the horrible "plagues" that come down on Austin each year: cedar, pollen and all the other things that make us feel nasty during our many allergy seasons. Kristin proposes that "perhaps God understands that without regular plagues, far too many people would relocate to the fine city of Austin, rendering our hometown overcrowded and overrun with outsiders. He understands our need to keep Austin weird- small, and comfortable, and just the way we like it." I read that and said AMEN! Really? I love this city so much that I too feel I need to protect it from outsiders and find the silver lining in allergy season? Yep it's true, this farm raised, small town, stanch republican East Texas girl has grown into a true Austinite. Not that I mind people relocating here BUT leave your big box stores (except you H&M your welcome) LA attitudes and those awful strip malls in your old city! 

So here is my new motto I am applying to my life! 
If the way Austin is going makes you mad, don't get even. Get odd." 
- Dr. George Greer

So after 11 years in this fine city I am proud to call it home. I'm excited to watch Campbell grow up in a city that is so wonderfully WEIRD! I want her to take advantage of everything the city has to offer.  

So I know living Urban won't work for us forever and we will buy another home soon but I will not buy in another "big box" home & live on scrapbook island. I'll be much less concerned about the fancy house and focus on finding the perfect little "weird" Austin home. Hey I might even go watch roller derby and get a pair of Birkenstocks! ok that pushing it, Austin I love you but I am NOT wearing Birkenstocks. 

So you can find me,
Some where between Suburban and Urban 

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  1. I am so glad you are back!!! Want to do happy hour? Brunch anything? I am also glad you said you were ok with people moving here becuase I was worried! Pomise I will keep Austin weird!


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