Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What's the matter with kids today? No one wants them around?

Another article on BABY BANS!

I blogged about this a while back (read it here) from the stand point of having the common courtesy of being observant of your surrounding and deciding wether or not the environment is kid friendly rather than thinking your a mom there for everyone should cater to you and your heathen perfect child. But a baby ban?
 Can't we al just have common sense and use good judgment? 
As I learned as a high school teacher so many moms have what I call "Not My Child" syndrome. Mr T even uses the term to to describe, sadly to many, parents of his clients. 
Mr T: "your child was arrested for DUI"
Mom: "Not my child, it was her friends beer"
Mr T: "well then why did your daughter wreck her can and vomit while being pulled over?"

Hummmm ...
This makes me wonder, is there a connection between the need for a baby ban and the helicopter/"not my child" parent?

I think YES! 

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