Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Wish list for Santa

Campbell’s Christmas wish List! 
THE BIG THING SHE HAS TOLD ME SHE WANTS, Over and Over and Overfor all of 7 months (and thast a long time in the toddler mind) Miss C has been telling me she wants Princess Celestia’s Castle. So I know most of your a going Huh? 
Well My Little Pony has made a big come back thanks to the Hub Network. No complaints here I really kinda enjoy he show. Here is the 
Hasboro has not actually created a Princess Celestia’s castle to buy. Seriously, how dumb are they? But good ‘ol Disney has come to the rescue and made a Disney princess castle that that I’m going to be turning into what is better know in our house as the “PCC” The Castle is not a hug part of the plot but since when has a toy maker not maxed out every merchendise opertunity ? Just my luck. 
Seriously it really does look cool!
After MUCH research I learned this is actually called Canterlot Castle 

Just for fun, some different drawings of the castle. Yes I'v been googling this for 7 months! 

THE substitute
(Hiding in Daddy's office...shhhh)     

What else in on the list? 

A kids Camera
Twilight Sparkles Hot air balloon

Rarity's Carousal Boutique
Pretty Much Anything My Little Pony

Easy Bake Oven. She is OBSESSED with baking. She even bakes for her my little ponies 

V.Tech V.Reader Carriages
*By the way moms, I LOVE this thing. The V. Reader is more than an ebook reader though. Kids can play games that help with learning and they can also interact using the keyboard, entering words of their own Each story has eight games that help with understanding core concepts and comprehension of the story. You can download ebooks and games from the website, as well as reward certificates for completed ebooks. The system easily connects to to your comuter via USB. The V. Reader has an SD card slot for added storage space which is very handy!

Happy Holidays,


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