Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New year! Welcome 2012

For the Collins 2012 has a lot in store! I welcome it with open arms as I look forward to the events to come. We will embark on some serious uncharted territory, at least for us. 
This Blog will venture into its 3rd year! I'm proud that I have stuck to my commitment to document my family's story, it's so fun to go back and read all the little stories that would surly slip my mind over time. 

Here is a look at your New Years Eve party. We rang in the new year with my family and friends at Elmwood Gardens and Trey DJ'ed for the 2nd year in a row. He is actually really good SHHHH Don't tell him I admitted that! And proof that Miss C really is my daughter, she danced the night away! 

Campbell's Favorite Person

No time to pose, gotta dance

Love those bloomers! 

My parents with old friends the The Davis'

Cheers Aunt Lucy

Two step with Cousin Tate

Susan Dancing to HER song Silver Wings

Don't the faces say it all! 

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  1. I'm sorry we missed it! Happy New Year's!!! Love you guys


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