Friday, April 27, 2012

Babymoon & Birthdays

This post is long over due but I could not skip posting it.

For Mr. T and Miss C's actual birthdays we flew up to Park City, Utah for a ski trip. This was Miss C first big trip that involved flying. She was super excited about flying and I'm actually glad we waited so long to fly with her because it was really enjoyable and I can't say that for most of the smaller kids and babies on the plane.
I'll have to write a whole post on taking small kids skiing but for now I think the pictures tell the story well...

The birthday festivities started on the ride to the airport well Miss C got her first gift, Unicorn Pillow Pet. I don't get the fasanation but she has been begging for one for months and it might be the best $6 I ever spent.

1st airport check in! 
Who will get the window seat? 

Miss C in do not disturb mode
Hello from Salt Lake

Pep talk before ski school! 

Ready to rock ski school

Hello to 5 hours of Mommy and daddy ski time!It's like having your cake and eating it too!  I love ski school!
I was awesome Trey and I got to explore 2 mountains alone skiing at our pace. Because if you have ever skied with kids its their pace only! 
Little tiny skis

Learning to ski

Good Morning to our birthday Girl!

The balloons were a huge hit! Daddy and the maid service might disagree. Daddy sat in the bathroom blowing them up and with the altitude almost fainted

Birthday breakfast

On Miss C's actual birthday she skipped ski school and and skied with us. She was so cute singing and racing down the mountain that she caused a few crases. I mean people trying to turn a look at how funny she was. Our goal was not perfect downhill at for it was to get her to have fun and love the mountain as much as we do so she will be excited to learn the tuffer skills it takes to be a good skier. 

Bacon stolen from her daddy's plate and the ate every bite! She is a Collins! 
A pro on the lifts! 

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