Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break in the house of birthdays and vomit

I do! I really miss capturing what's going thru mind here in my little blog. Iv thought of so much to write but have not found the time. Last week was spring break & SXSW, Mr. T turned 40 & i had a happy hour for him on the 12th. Sunday & Monday I had stomach flu, Miss C turned 5 on Monday, Tuesday Mr. T get stomach flu, Baby Rush is constipated & Baby Nixon is teething! To top it off Miss C's big princess and the pop star party is this coming Saturday which thank heavens I started prepping for way back but still have so much to do. She is really looking forward to having all her girlfriends over and I don't want to disappoint her by not doing all the things we have been planning for the party. It feels a lot like college, I need to pull an all-night-er to get this finished. Hummm in college after we pulled all-night-ers, my roommate Alli & I would go have bloody Mary's at The Showplace, some traditions should not change ;)

So here go a marathon recap of our spring break....
Post & Pics to follow


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