Tuesday, July 30, 2013

11 months have come and almost gone

Where has the time gone? I'm intended to sit down and write this post for WEEKS! The Twins are 1 week away from turning 1. It feels like I blinked and they are not babies anymore sniff sniff. Mr. T said this morning " wow next week they will be one" I said how it has just flown by. It was obvious by the look on his face maybe it has not exactly flown by to him.

Month 11 has been the most changeling by far. I said it a million times that I knew when they got mobil it would be a game changer! Oh has it ever! I'll put it in writing right here that I'm running away when they learn to walk!

You not only started crawling with great speed but you started crawling on all fours.
You pull up to standing on everything!
You wear a size 4 diaper (and still HATE to poop)
You wear size 12 month clothes
You are still the most loving little boy I have ever been around
you almost always have a smile on your face showing off all your teeth. 8 to be exact with 2 more on the way.
You STILL wake up for a bottle at 4am most days

You started crawling about 2 weeks after your brother. Your never going to let him do something you can't!
Your still crawling on your belly
You can pull up to standing but would rather just be carried.
You wear size 4 diapers
You wear 12 month clothes
You run the show around here.  You are very funny
You taught your brother how to throw things over the balconey
Your sister taught you how to "shake" it so cute she will tell you to shake and you start shaking your head and laughing
You still don't like turkey
Your getting 4 teeth all at the same time! It's not pretty. You are waking up several times a night in pain & always pulling at your ears. I put a Amber teething necklace on you. I have no idea if its helping but I'm scared to take it off! 
You like music! When ever you hear music you stop and tune in! 
You say Dada ... All the time

On the whole:
In 5 days you guys eat (at least) 
2 containers of strawberries 
2 containers of blueberries
20 Plum organics pouches
10 sprout entree dinners
10 yo baby yogurts 
5 string cheeses
1 container of grapes
1 happy baby puffs
3 gerber ill crunchies
2 1/2 gallons of whole milk 
32 oz white grape juice
Cheerios ... Endless 

Around 300 diapers a month

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