Wednesday, March 5, 2014

18 Months!

The more kids you have the faster time flies by! 
I missed doing a 17 month post completely. At 17 months both twins started walking! Hints the reason I can't find the time to sit down to blog! This was huge news in our lives. Walking is a major milestone for any baby and parent but for MoM's it is really a game changer. 

Out of all the videos I have of first steps this one is my favorite! Miss. C took this from her iPad. She is such a little mommy to the twins. She was as excited for them to walk as I was. She might have changed her mind now that she has to help me chase them down! 

Oh you are still the sweetest little guy. When I ask you to go sit down you go right to your table and have a seat. You are such a little monkey! There is no table to high or ladder you won't climb.
You are ALL about Daddy right now
Your favorite thing is to throw things, mostly over the balcony and usually while mommy or sister is standing under it
You follow directions well. When Nanny Rachel or I ask you to go to the table you run over and sit right down.  Your gross motor skills rock! 

My tiny little peanut (30th percentile) . You have become so loving lately. Sitting in my lap, giving kisses to your "BoBo" and hauling around as many stuffed animals as you can carry at one time. You defiantly are the mother hen to your siblings. You will feed your brother & wipe his face. You love to wash your sister and brother's hair in the tub.
Your fine motor skills are impressive! You can work an iPad like a teenager! 
You pay attention to whats going on around you and copy mommies actions often. 
You like salad! 
Your singing "let it go" from Frozen the movie

You still have a stubborn streak! This is the ONLY picture of you from our valentines photo shoot because you were having NOTHING to do with taking pictures and you would not let go of Ganny! 

Taking the twins in public places has become quite the challenge. I'm ok as long as they are in the stroller but as with this age group that does not last long. Once they are out of the stroller I simple have to have two adults around. Miss C is a huge help but she is only five and get frustrated with trying to wrangle them. So we are learning to adjust to this new twin challenge. But for every new twin challenge comes a twin perk!


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