Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Calling all Disney World Advice!


We booked a last minute trip to Disney World and we leave in 6 days! I am so excited! I have been several time over my life but this will be my husband and kids first trip! This will be our first time flying with all 5 of us! Miss Campbell is well versed in travel and is so easy but up till now the twins have stayed with Ganny or a nanny! I always find bloggy Moms to be a great source of advice on this sort if thing! So give it to me!!!!! 

Comment, send me links or pictures! I'd love to read your own post about your Disney Trips! 

A few things to know:

Shhhh...The kids don't know yet! I plan to tell Miss C in a fun way the day of the trip. I'll pick her up early from school after a valentines party and then I need a fun way to tell her! I have been talking to the twins about "going to Mickey's house" and now they will say "I wanna go Mickey house!" Give me your ideas on how to tell the kids.

My kids ages: Miss C is 3 weeks shy of 7 and the Twins are 2. 
-Did you take your kids in for a nap or just press thru? On that note we are staying at the on site at the animation hotel. 

Flight tips? 
Favorite things to see? 

We eat, sleep, sing and own all things Frozen and the hubby and Rush love Nemo and Cars. 

Anyone want to share they're amazing itinerary? I made a few reservations and fast pass elections but nothing that can't be changed. I'd love you forever if you shared! 

I have really enjoyed reading a series of post on Disney by Jenn at Two by Two Mom Blog. If your in my boat seeking Disney advice or just want to read a great blog check her out. 

Two by Two Mom link 

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