Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Reading~ What should I read?

It's summer reading time! I'm on the hunt for some new summer reading. Anyone have suggestions? Here are some books I just finished. Yes, you can see they all have a rather common theme I like to call surviving suburbia! They are all light reading and gave me some good laughs :)

surviving motherhood in Manhattan and being married to a lawyer. Brittany Spears had a Manny but I don't think he was as cool as Peter the Manny in this book

All you southern girls will totally get the main character in this one! If your not from the south it's a look into the debutant world. Great for single and married girls!
1990s music critic and a former editor at the Village Voice, explores the harmonious convergence of art and motherhood at age 40. If you love ACL & SXSW this is a great read 

The author is now famous for her mommy blog. She put mommy blogs on the map. 
 Very raw look at that 1st year of motherhood. 

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  1. have you read any of Chelsea Handlers books? They are hilarious. Also a girl named Zippy and Glass Castle. I also love Jane Green, Jennifer Weiner, Marion Keyes, or have you read One Fifth Avenue or Chasing Harry Winston? A silly funny book is The Boy Next Door by Meg Cabot. If you want a ridiculous romance novel, my all time favorite is Whitney, My Love. If you want an epic novel like Gone with the Wind, check out Paint the Wind. I love books like The Road and Life of Pi...I just finished Sara's Key, The Year of the Fog, and I read all of Jodi Picoults books. But those aren't easy breezy summer reading...hopefully thats a good start. I am going to pick up some that you read too. they look fun. do you have a Kindle?


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