Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm living in a Better Homes and Garden magazine

It's official we have put our house on the market. As exciting as the prospect of selling the house we have completely out grown and "busting out the bubble" to move into the city, it is a daunting to keep the house ready to show. Not that my house is every dirty or really even messy (despite what my mother would say) it's so much work! Bed's made with sheets pressed, dishes done, laundry done, dusted, mood lighting and music, fresh flowers and most of all.... NO TOYS! Yep my 2 year has to pick up her toys. Need I say more? I had no idea how Miss C would survive with out her playroom and toys. Guess what... like we are always told we don't need half of what we have. I have put Miss C's toys into rubber maid boxes and we get one out at a time. You would think it was Christmas every time she open a new box! So it's actually working out ok.

The cutest thing so far was last night when we saw that the box of flyers outside was empty and I took a stack of flyers to replenish it. Miss C wanted to help and as she carried the flyers down the drive way she looked down at the flyer and with this look of confusion and shock turned to me and said "mommy thats my house" Not that she has any idea of what is going on but it was a moment of bitter sweetness as I realized we are selling her first home.


  1. Awe! Campbell is your little real estate agent! It is sad you are selling her first home, but think of all the new memories you will have in your new home! Kindergarten, first crushes, ballet lessons, birthday parties, all things little girls get to do!

  2. I totally just looked at your house on Zillow! :) So pretty! I bet it will sell in a heartbeat and you and Trey will be back in town in no time! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  3. You are moving?? where downtown??

  4. we want to be back in the old hood, no more than 10 miles from the office downtown! We promised ourselves we would not look till the house sold. Trey hates the commute, I miss the charm of living central, we want to get in a school district we plan to stay in before C stats public school & just in case we add to the Collins Clan we need a bigger house :)


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