Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baby Booby traps

Since I can remember Miss C has been planting booby traps for me. Not your typical death traps the military sets up even snicker ones! Did you ever think a wooden block could kill you? 
They started out rather harmless. I would find cherrios in the most bazar places! the sheets, my purse, my shoes!  and it mostly just drove me nuts
 Cheerios Cereal, 14-Ounce Box (Pack of 4)
Then Miss C started planting the wooden block in just he perfect spots. The she would cry in the night to get me to rush to the nursery of course stepping on the block sliding and just about killing myself trying not to hit the ground.  Yes, I think she cried just to get me to run across the booby trap because sure enough when I open the door she is sound asleep and I have an aching foot. 
Made in USA Lowercase Alphabet Blocks

And her latest trap... a wooden Seahorse in my sheets. It was very much like the princess and the pea. I just could not figure out why I could not get comfy and after waking up for the third time I found it. The musical wooden seahorse was stalking me. Actually T and I were just kicking it back and forth to each others side of the bed. 
Melissa & Doug High Sea Symphony Toddler Toy
thats the little devil there, the orange sea horse! 


  1. Oh wow! This is too funny! I have had broken toes, bruised knees and many other injuries. I know exactly how you feeli

  2. This is sooo funny & I even found it on my own!!!! I would love 2 meet yall for lunch(on me)Sometime soon....I honestly would prefer dinner at the little steak house out here Backstage-they hv prime rib Tuesday specials-neat patio & entertaiment-just a wish-think bout it-Did yall hear from Grandpa Rip-Hope he had great B-dy---Lizzies B dy is -this Mon. 9th-- as to the invite whenever/wherever just dying to see all of u-Tell ms C hi w/hug & kiss & mucho love !!!!


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