Thursday, July 8, 2010

Parties, Parties and more Parties

It goes in phases.

 First the invitations roll in. I pile them up sit at my desk and do what I call "calendering." I love paper. I would even go as far as to call it a fetish.  I really do judge people by their choice of stationary! I know stupid but I do. I love the design, pictures, quality of paper all the way down to the etiquette  that goes into sending invitations, announcements & thank you notes. 

Phase two: planning. What do I need to attend, want to attend & have to skip. Consult with T to see what he is going to attend. Then plan sitters for adult only events. 

Phase three: Gifts. I try not to even know what I spend on gifts each month. If T knew he would die! In July I have purchased
4 birthday gifts
2 baby shower gifts
1 baby gift
2 bachelorette gifts
July has 9 events! There are only 4 weekends in July so needless to say I must pick and choose. 

Phase four: Deliver gifts, mail cards and attend events. 

Who knew a 2 year old would have such a busy social calendar! Between the 3 of us the calendar stays really packed. I actually drove myself nuts the first year Miss C was born. I did not have the ability to say no. T told me I was not allowed to host ANY events this year. That sort of worked. I have only hosted Miss C's 2nd birthday party. Unlike last year when I thought I could do it all. (3 baby showers, class reunion, 100 person birthday party for Miss C, play dates ect. ) 

Seriously I have a problem with over committing! 
My new years resolutions was I Can't do it all and I am not the cruse ship director! 
I'm getting better...


  1. You are the rock star mom! I can't believe all of those parties. So glad my event was in June so you could make it! :)

  2. You are hilarious! I thin Trey and my Dan would get along very well. haha


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