Thursday, May 5, 2011

Im back!

Post Vegas I'v been on a blogger hiatus. We returned to some exciting new that I can't quite talk about yet but hopeful it will be official soon and I can share it. NO I'm not pregnant! So let me catch up by recapping vegas! 

Vegas was awesome, it never fails to be 48 hours of very little sleep, way to many beverages and Lot's of dancing! The Cosmopolitan hotel was great I recommend it. The location is great right in the heart of the strip but truthfully we only left the hotel  two time. It was were all the action was and the restaurant selection was awesome so why leave ! So thats al the details I'm giving! 
What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas!

The Best part of the trip was having my friends there with me. To each of you that came with me I can not thank you enough, you have given me some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. (most of which you will all hope I don't tell so don't make me mad I have 423 pictures to prove it! )

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  1. First off, I want to be like you. Seriously I love that you did 30 right and blew it out of the water. Secondly, next time I want to be invited because it looks like you know how to do it right! Third, Did you guys sell the house and you can be our neighbors!?


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