Monday, May 23, 2011

Miss C's Cowgirl Party

This year Miss C had a cowgirl themed party out on my families ranch at my parents house. I really wanted to scale the party down from the usual 50 or 60 guest (120 for her 1st)...I'm nuts about parties! and have mostly just family and close friends. Miss C still has living great grandparents and great great parents. I wanted to host at least one birthday back home to share with these family members before Miss C starts having parties with her friends and does not want us old fart adults around!
A million thanks to my friend Jennifer Jennifer Willard photography who photographed the party for me. I's awesome to have all these great pictures! I actually got to enjoy the party, talk to the guest and play with Miss C with out the camera in my hands. How lucky am I to have a fabulous photographer for a friend!
See the full album HERE

My baby sister Kyra 
God Mama Hollywood with Miss C & Me

Pica, Miss C & Nana with Jackie O
Ganny, Miss C & Pop
Miss C's Great-Great-Great Grandmother
My Grandma Miss C's Greadt Grandma
 The years are flying by, it will soon be time to work on a 4th birthday. 
Hummm I''m thinking a snow skiing party! 

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  1. Can you plan my birthday party? These are amazing!


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