Monday, September 12, 2011

First day of School Fall 2011

So I a week late blogging this because as any mom can tell you the week of school starting back is just madness. And when you live in Austin it happen to also coincide with the start of UT Football which around here is my husbands version of Christmas day for 11 saturdays but more about that later, let's get back to this cuteness! 
Since we moved we had to find a new school, we miss School in the Hills but the new school is growing on her. She is attending St. Davids Day School. The first day was a little ruff. She had no interest in waking up or getting dressed. The only thing that got her moving was that she got to pack her new lunch box and backpack. Once we arrived at school she was as charming as ever. She did not shed a tear just put her things away, told me she loved me and that she would see me later. 
Sniff, Sniff once again it was me who had the much tufter time.
1st day outfit. It's hard to see but her shirt has a sequin guitar on it

Putting away her snack

Miss C's Classroom

And after school she got a great surprise for being brave on her first day from Ganny! 

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