Friday, September 30, 2011

Why do they call them Wisdom Teeth?

I mean really if theses teeth have so much wisdom why do we remove them? I think we should call them devil teeth. I have been putting of having mine removed for about 7 years now. I used every excuse under the sun, they aren't bothering me that bad, I'm pregnant, I'm nursing. I can't afford it, I don't have time to be out of commission for 3 days. You name it I used it as an excuse.
A few weekends ago they really started causing me pain so I pulled the rip cord faced my fears and had all 4 taken out this past Wednesday. I had full IV sedation, partly because my bottom wisdom teeth were badly impacted and mashing a nerve but mostly because I would have ran like a thief from the room!

Recover has been mostly crappy. As soon as I awoke from my happy place I realized our cable was out. Seriously what did I do to make karma hate me? I'd been DVRing & saving all these great trashy tv shows to watch while I was on bed rest. But nope! No tv or Internet for 3 days! So I spent the majority (3 1/2 hours) getting it all fixed this morning.

The pain I was say is still an 8 out of ten and I look like one of Alvin and the chipmunks girlfriends. But with a crap load of medication I can get the pain down to about a 4. So iv been high for about 36 hours now!

On a positive note I have gotten to see the best come out in my husband! He is an only child and care taking is not his strong suit. But he has really stepped up to the plate and been a great nurse and Mr. Mom. He has done school pick up and drop off and even after school activities. Of course I love it cause it reminds him that my "job" really is a lot of work.

Also my wonderful friend Melissa and crazy J brought me 3 containers of Berry Austin frozen yogurt which is awesome by the way and the perfect after oral surgery food!

And lastly I should be really skinny before Texas/OU weekend in Dallas next week!

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  1. This post addresses one of my biggest fears! Dentists have been after me for years to get my wisdom teeth extracted (they were not removed when I was a child because they were not impacted and not affecting my other teeth) and I am too big of a chicken. Even though I now have dental issues directly related to my wisdom teeth.


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