Monday, March 5, 2012

The Rest Of The Story part 1

as Paul Harvy would say... and the rest of the story 
part 1

So I announced I was expecting back on February 17, here. But I never explained how all this really came about. Don't worry I not telling that kinda story! 
For most people having more children is something they have been planning, hoping for or always had on there plan. Not us. Mr. T and I are both only children, it's our normal and frankly we both like it. Actually not only are we only children but our first cousins we are closest to are all only children as well (yes both Trey and I). So like I said it really is all we know. 
It's not until I got older that I see the benefits of siblings. I see patterns in my husband and I that relate directly back to being only children and most of theses are patterns and character traits we developed as adults and as I 'm sure you can guess they are not all positive. Enough on that subject it's a post all in it's self! 
So on with our story, we adored Miss C from the moment we met her! How could we ever love another human as much? Having another baby was never completely off the table but it was NOT on the agenda. I'm no spring chicken but I knew I still had time. We never had pressure from our families to have another baby, actually quite the opposite. 
Seems like everyone around me has had at least 1 more baby if not 2 in the time since I had Miss C. They were proudly planning and scheduling sexcapades with their husbands and even 
 unfortunately trips to the fertility doctor. I still had no baby fever. Then along came Baby B, my friends second son. It's like the stares aligned and the timing was right and I was ready. Plus Miss C melts every time she see baby B. I mean he has her total attention. There it was, she looked at me while holding that baby an I knew she wanted and needed that partner in crime, that support system, that person to fight with constantly yet always love. 

So my plan was put into motion. It was the end of football season and Mr. T was distracted so he did not notice for a month or two that things were a little more regular than they usually are (have you tried doing this activity with a 3 year old sharing your space?) When he did catch on, well I did not hear any complaints, hey this is a man we are talking about here. So if my math is correct it took me about 4 months to pull off my plan. Just in time for Christmas! 
Mr. T had no idea! I knew on the first day of my missed period I was pregnant. I also knew I could not keep a secret! I convinced Mr. T that we should open some gifts that night the Tuesday before Christmas, a mini Christmas just the 3 of us. Telling him it was silly to take this huge castle to my parents house. So I whipped up a dinner, made all 3 of us put on PJ's and set the stage. I wrapped the pregnancy test in a Tiffany's box and placed it under the tree. Mr. T has really been wanting a new watch hee hee hee. Mini Christmas began... 

did you hear that? Miss C told Mr T it was a pen! I cut the video short but he does actually get excited after a few min. 


  1. Awe, that's a great story. I couldn't be more thrilled for Campbell to be a sister. Looking forward to hearing Part 2: finding out about TWINS! Very excited for your family. Congrats!

  2. Too cute. . . I can't wait to meet my nephews ;)


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