Sunday, July 15, 2012

Car seats and quotes

Let me set the scene.
It's 2 in the afternoon and we are loading in the car after lunch at Luby's.
Side note- yes lunch at 2pm cause it takes that long to leave the house, yes Luby's cause that's where the toddlers and elderly are not judged.
Campbell: "mom what are we going to do with all these kids, look 1,2,3 kids in this car"
Me: "well Campbell I've been asking myself the same question"
Ah from the mouth of a babe

You see there are a few, I'll call them speed bumps, with twins. The car and car seats being one of them. Buying a giant ride was not an issue. I needed seating for 5 minimum & cargo space. That criteria alone narrows the market to about 4 choices and mini van was not one of them. So we chose the Chevy suburban. We are a Chevy family and iv had three Tahoes so the suburban z71 was our first OMG we are going to have 3 kids purchase.
The speed bump came when it was time to install carseats. The damn infant seats are so big they block being able to get to the 3rd row and hello we have 2 of them so both sides of the car are totally blocked off. Poor Miss C has to duck and crawl in under the infant seats. She has been a good sport about it so far. How can I own a giant SUV and still have a space issue. No matter what vehicle I would be playing car seat jinga. But over all I love the suburban. Like Miss C said, What am I going to do with all these kids! I can't believe I'm a mom of 3!


  1. An issue i had never thought about! I like the stylish cowhide car seat covers!

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