Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weeks 32 & 33

At our 32 week checkup everyone was looking great! 

Baby A Boy 
3 lb. 9oz
145 bpm

Baby B Girl
 4 lb. 3oz
144 bpm

Both babies are very camera shy. They both turn and face my spine so we can not take any good sonogram or 4D pictures. 

Total weight gain at 32 weeks: 32 lb.
I have officially surpassed my delivery weight of Miss C by 2 lb. with about 6 weeks to go. 

Mommy is feeling:
HUGE! I'm grateful this pregnancy has gone so smoothly so I really don't want to complain. I was warned by my nurse Sarah that 30 weeks even in the best twin pregnancy can be a turning point for the aches and pains. She was not kidding, week 32 I started getting really bad pregnancy brain fog again. I'm very easily over stimulated and have a total lack of ability to focus or concentrate. I'v never experienced anything like it. I describe it as my body is prioritizing and normal brain function is LOW on it's list!
Week 33 has began with a lot of upper back and rib pain. Likely to happen when your carrying over 8 Lb. of baby. Luckily there is very little swelling or water weight ( yeah no fat face) but it does mean all 30 pounds I'v gained is in my abdomen so the back pain seems to be here to stay for the duration.

If all goes according to plan we should be meeting these little ones in 5 weeks! 


  1. There could not be a more beautiful pregnant momma. You make carrying twins look glam! Now can we see pics of the nursery please ; )

  2. So are so adorable! Just looking at your bump makes me want to have #2! xo


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