Sunday, September 30, 2012

Only in Texas

Only in Texas do you pose with a 1,400 pound steer! But that's not just any steer that's Bevo! If you know us or have read my blog for any length of time you know nothing comes between The Collins and Longhorn football! Not even the birth of twins!
Football season is in full swing around here. We have pre gamed at the UTGC Friday night tailgate parties

The Twins have attended their first Flo-Co tailgate party

Yes they each got their own fan!
We took our first ever RV trip to Ole Miss! The only way to road trip with kids, seriously! This trip will have a post of its own soon!

Trey and I even had our first date! Thanks to our new part time nanny Danielle (that's a other post as well!) We spent the day hosting our tailgate party

Football season in Austin is like a high school, college & family reunion for 11 fall weekends!

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