Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A day of Doctors

It's been an eventful day full of Dr's visits! We started the morning off at the pediatric cardiologist for Nixon. At the twins 1 month visit our pediatrician heard a murmur in her heart. My entail reaction was pure panic! But the Dr, who we trust very much, assured us by the sounds if it it was most likely what's known as an innocent murmur and she will grow out of it. We choose not to tell anyone till after we had the visit to the cardiologist as to not cause undo worry. (Ok we told my mom, yep she worried). Nixon was a rock star during her EKG & Ecocardiogram! Knowing Nixon I expected her to shatter glass with her scream, she is not know for her tolerance or patience!!!

In non doctor terms Nixon is going to be just fine!!! She has two places in her heart that are causing the murmur and both should be just fine over time. Ill sure sleep better tonight knowing she will be a heart breaker rather than a broken heart!
Then it was off to the twins 2 month well check
Rush 10lbs 13oz
Nixon 9lbs 7oz
Growing like weeds!
Then came the always dreaded vaccines! Mr T and Miss C showed up just in time to help with the shots ( I suck at this part!) Miss C was a very supportive Big Sister!

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