Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Five months old

These pictures were taken on the twins actual five month birthday (January 7th) and I just now getting around to write this post. I have actually already written it twice but it was some how not saved. I wrote  it while getting my hair colored for the first time since October! Which turned out to be the worst hair color EVER and I spent another 4 hour hair apt doing color correction. If you live in Austin this will make since my hair was not so much yellow rose but a whole lot landing strip.

On to my FIVE MONTH old cuties! The time is flying by my little nuggets!

Rush Beckett

- first off you are so sweet! You just love for people to talk to you and you smile and coo back
-you are wearing 6 month clothes
-size 2 pampers
-you just started solids this last week ( a week & a half behind your sister)
-your not a fan of rice cereal but you love pears
-your drinking 6-8oz bottles
- you got the beginnings of your first tooth! Bottom right. So far teething has not been to ruff. There was two nigh you were fussy and had to sleep with me
-you can roll back to tummy and tummy to back
-you start out sleeping on your tummy but always wake up on your back
-you have found your thumb and are sucking it a little
-your favorite person is mommy. you love to listen to me talk and you pat my face
-you are the king of drool and spit up ! wow you bro thru a lot of outfits and bibs! 

Nixon Elizabeth 

-Hello my tiny diva
-you are on average 2 lbs smaller than your brother
-you have been an awesome sleeper! 8pm to 7am most nights for the last few weeks (but you don't really nap during the day)
-your favorite person is your big sister
-your wearing 3 months clothes 
-your wearing size 1 pampers
-you started solids over a week ago and you love to eat! You have loved everything you have eaten
-you eat about 6oz per bottle
-you sleep JUST like your big sister. You have to have your face snuggled into something. 
-You love action. You want to be able to see everything that is going on around you
-your fine motor skills are very advanced. you can grab objects and switch them from hand to hand. 
-you can roll tummy to bad and back to tummy
-you sleep on your tummy all night
-you smile big, laugh big and scream big
-your very ticklish 

We go thru:
 about 300 diapers per month
10 23.4 oz tubs of Enfamil Gentlease per month
14 to 16 bottles per day

caffeine ... bottomless


  1. First off those pictures are adorable esp them crying! But most importantly are their fantastic names!!! I LOVE THEM!

  2. adorable!! your pictures and comments bring me right back to when my twins were little...such a fun/exhausting/crazy time!

    and i love the crying pictures, too...sometimes that's the best you can get! :)

  3. Amazing stats at the end!!!! I remember those days with Logan. He didn't start sleeping until around 6 months. now he is still a little hit or miss but mostly sleeps. ADORABLE babies!


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