Thursday, September 5, 2013

My baby is off to kindergarten

Kindergarten! Wow! What a big girl Miss C was on her first day of school! Not a single tear was shed ( by either of us!) After spending the summer debating & weighing the choices I decided to send Miss C is private Kinder. We had such a wonderful experience at Lupine Lane for preschool that when the director decided to offer Kinder I had to put our public school plans on hold & really think about what was the best option. 
I could get on my teacher soap box and go on for days about the pros & cons of public verses private school but ill save that for another post! In the end how could we turn down putting Miss C is a class of 6 kids verses 26 kids. All of the kids were in class together last year & the teacher is great. Spanish & Mandarin are standards in the curriculum. The curriculum it's self is child driven (think Montessori ) which Miss C excels in this type of environment. So it was kinda a no brainer to send her there.  Guess the only tear shed was writing the tuition check!!! 

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