Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Matrix that is scheduling for multiple kids

Moms! How do you do it? 
You know what I'm talking about. The organization of schedules, games, homework, drop/off pick up all times x3 (and I know several that are x4 & x5! Bless you!) iCal is great but I needed something we could all see and know to look at as we came in and out. 

I had this blank boring wall between my kitchen & garage. Since it is the main enterance & exit I thought it would better be used as a functional space rather than just pretty. So I got crafty..... 

The blank wall

I went to my trust ol' Michaels Craft Store and picked out some fun frames. Then covered the glass with chalkboard decal. You could use the spray paint but incase I hated the outcome I did not want to ruin the glass. Also the decal works the same without having the same texture and sound when writing on it. All teachers know what I'm talking about here! 

Here is the results so far...

It's working really well so far. We all write on it daily. If there is something someone needs from the store they write it on the shopping board. Today I've written the kids evening schedule for the babysitter. I made enough boards that eventually every kid will have there own. For now the twins share & the one on the far right is a daily notes/ to-do list. I'm thinking I might add something to hold mail and papers. 

I'v always been a bag lady. It has gone from a Louis Vuitton collection to backpacks & LL bean boat and totes! 
So you walk from my chalkboards to the laundry room where each day of the week has a bag with that days needs
As I do laundry I just repack each bag. This works great now but when the twins start activities I'll have to figure something new out. 

How do you stay organized? I'm looking for all the great orginizing advice out there! Comment your ideas! 


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