Friday, May 30, 2014


Sniff Sniff ...

Miss C graduated from Kindergarden last Friday! 

1st day of school

Last day of school
She has matured so much over this school year! She made the leap to being a kid with no baby left! 
here are your Stats baby girl! 

Fall level A/ spring level D
Knows 75 sight words 

mastered addition and subtraction and started working word problems 
skip counts to 100 by 2s & 10s

took a sample 1st grade level STAR test and passed with flying colors! 

Lost 2 bottom teeth
wears a size 6 cloths
wears a 11 1/2 shoe 

We are going to miss Lupine Lane dearly. We all had a wonderful experience there and have no retreats about choosing private kindergarden. Now to enjoy the summer before this mommie has to deal with public school ! Attendance police, tardy police…uhhhh

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  1. So fun! Congrats Campbell! Look out first grade!


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