Sunday, May 18, 2014

Social media hiatus

From time to time I take a social media hiatus. Iv been "off" Facebook for two weeks! I just get burned out of all the "BS " people write on FB. Uhhhh people take everything so stink'n personal then take to FB to vent about it. People knew where I was, who I was with & felt the need to let me know that they know!
So the first few days were strange. You dont relize how 2 min here & 16 min there really add up! I also noticed how irritated I was when the people around me were paying more attention to their phones & iPads than me! (Only child speaking here!) this included my 6 year old on her iPad. I really thought I was strict about her usage but I learned how the time we were both playing on devices could have been 30 min of quality face time. The REAL face to face stuff, not the Apple version! 
Now everyone has to put away all tech devices during dinner and before bed they go to a charging station in the kitchen. This did not make me very popular this last week. My hope is that like I have learned, they too will learn to focus on the people in the room. Not your high school boyfriends 3rd wife's new puppy, temple run or bad piggy! 
Raise up from your device and see what's most important is the people right there in the room with you! 

And blogging totally does not count in my book! Love a double standard! Hopefully I will get some updates on the kiddos written this week! 

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