Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My kid is rocking Shania Twain

Every have a situation when you sound like your mother saying "in my time..." 

Feeling hip and cool as I came home from 3 days awesome music filled days at ACL with Calvin Hartis still stuck in my head, I headed to my tub for a soak. Truth, my mind felt hip and cool but my body was aching! On the counter I found this 

I have not owned a CD player in 7 years. First thoughts were humm guess the sitter was planning a relaxing night?!?! By the CD collection it was clear there was not sexy time going on! 
Next morning Miss C came in to inform me of the awesome CD player she brought home from great grandma's. I gave her the "oh that's from the old days" spill but she insists it's the coolest thing ever. 

I now get to listen to the Shania Twain Up! Album on repeat. Oh goodie 

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