Friday, October 17, 2014

Five on Friday

Nixon had a great drop of a preschool today! She has been going since August and EVERY day except 3 she has sobbed terribly when I leave. Parents have actually patted me on the back and just said wow. So maybe just maybe she is believing me when I say "mommies always come back" 

I'm sure you are seeing this mascara pop up all over Facebook. All my friends know I have a MLM sales, the parties, the pressure to buy, the crap products oh and my face when people actually think they are going to get rich. BUT this product is different! No parties (only online) and the mascara is awesome! My sales rep is also kinda hot and showed my some tricks to look like a vamp when I put this on! 

Here is the link if your interested.

My Lucy Loo now sleeps under her own heating pad. 

One of these bad boys is waiting on me in my fridge! Lemmon meringue! It's what we call #frontyardfridays and I'll share this with my favorite mommie pals while the kids play and we drink wine 

I'm room mom for Miss C's 1st grade class this year. Iv been room mom before but this school really takes it up a level. You have to be on you A game! So I'm loving the site Rallyhood. 

Here is a screen shot of the app on my phone 
I'm going to do a whole post full of room mom tips soon! 

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