Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday

 Iv been carb free all week so it's time for a free day! So fat kid Friday is back! Inspired by my favorite morning talk show on Cosmo radio wake up with Tay. I splurge and have some amazing dish. Back in the day we would try things like the McRib (yuck) now I'm more into local restaurants and trailer food, healthy comfort food & and just down right crazy food! Good thing I live in Austin!

Fried egg sandwitch from the always awesome counter cafe. Created and owned by my friend Ms.Debbie she sources everything local and organic. Two thumbs up it was delish

This bad boy is still afloat! I was appalled at the price of these giant balloons ($40!!!!) but I HAD to have it for my photo shoot this past Sunday. But it's now 7 days old! If you buy one make sure to get high float put in. If your in the Austin area Party Couture in the Hill Country Galleria actually has the best prices and the owner is super nice! 
See all the little people hand prints? 


I'm trying to give up cokes. These are actually not horrible 


Flying in for one show only in Vegas…  Sander van Dorn Think I need to go!!! OK I bought the tickets!
 (Surprise Honey)


ĆD release show for Jeremy O'Bannon! Congrats friend! I admire anyone that followes their dreams. Helps he is actually a great song writer! 

Happy Friday Ya'll 



  1. Oh my gosh! That sandwich looks amazing. Haha...fat kid Friday. I'm having fat kid marriage, I'm pretty sure. #thestruggle
    Love that balloon, but yeah crazy the prices people charge! Highway robbery!!!

  2. That $40 balloon is still floating! I have to say at this point I got my monies worth! But I still think $40 is nuts!


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