Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November get healthy!

Iv already been asked if I'm crazy for starting a diet at the start of the holiday season. The modavation comes more from the thought of falling any further down the rabbit hole (a fat pudgy hole as a mater of fact) Fall in Austin is amazingly busy and fun. Football season, fundraiser a, election season, formula 1, ACL & the kids stuff! I had more candy brought home than I gave away! How did that happen!
So I need to loose about 15 pounds. It's a crapy combo of post twins weight, a hypothyroid issue & poor diet. I very often eat with the kids and of course there is a lot of carbs involved. And more than anything else I have a huge coke addiction ( the kind in a can not from a crack head!) iv tried to quite in the past and it was so terrible! Since the babies are all in school I thought this would be a sorta kinda good time to have withdrawals. My headaches usually kick in about 10 am. 👹
So for this week I'm eating cleaner, cutting caffeine and reducing all carbs. 
Next week I'll try to emplament a formal diet. 
Any suggestion? 

4hr body, Adkins, Palio diet?????

As far as work out goes, 7 friends and I are doing a fall Barre3 social. I'm typing this from bed with a heating pad on my legs I'm already so sore! Thinking I should throw some cardo in the mix also.

Is it happy hour yet? What no wine either? 

Will someone please hold me accountable? 

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