Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Surprises from the 2 year well check

In the right Corner! weighting in at 27 lb. (55%) 33 1/2 inches tall (45%) CAMPBELL COLLINS! 

If your wondering what the percentages after the number are it's ca crazy measuring system used to compare your child to all the other little children in the world. So Campbell is in the 55th percentile and that makes her a little taller than average and perfectly normal. She gets all the hight from me! 

Campbell was a dream child at the Dr. Wheelock's office! She did every test with out a peep and when it came time to get her Hep A vaccine she did not cry a tear! 

Ears on the other had were not perfect. Campbell has an ear infection in both ears. It's not bad but we are trying to clear it but before it does get worse. She is also having some hearing issues in the left ear. We are not in panic mode yet. Dr. W wants to clear up the ear infection and trey the hearing test gain in 2 weeks. So we are keeping our fingers crossed the reason she can not hear out of the left ear has something to do with the fluid on the ear drum and will be all fixed up after a round antibiotics

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