Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2 legs and 4 legs

 2 legs and 4 legs are the names we lovingly call our two babies Campbell and Ryker. We are those crazy dog people! Ryker is our first baby and he knows it. He sleeps in the bed with us, has dinner with us and for the most part travels with us. When Campbell came along we had high hopes they would be great friends. We got our wish, sort of. Campbell is obsessed with Ryker and he tolerates her! Almost all kids love animals but Campbell has taken it to a whole new level. I almost hate to blog this to the rest of the world but hey this to shall pass !

A while back I gave Campbell gerber puffs for a snack. I saw that she was sweetly sharing her snack with Ryker but then I took a second look... she was lining them up on the floor and eating them just like Ryker! To make it better she followed Ryker to his water bowl. Yep you guessed it! She lapped the water out of the bowl just like Ryker! Thats when I had to intervene.

When I told this story to my father in law he decided it might be a good time to tell me that when she was at his house Campbell ate ice cubes off the floor to be like Belle! ( Belle is Ryker's sister)

Now last but not least as we took a walk last night Campbell was holding the leash, like always, and Ryker went pee pee on a bush. Campbell waisted no time running up to the same bush and hiked her leg!!!!  I just hope this is not Campbell's idea of potty training!

 Campbell just before her 2nd birthday and Ryker is 3 at the hike and bike. 

This was Campbell trying to get Ryker to come take a bath

2& 4 legs when 2 was three months old

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