Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend take 1

The Easter Bunny came to the Collins! and kept coming and coming! What a fun weekend. Spring is my favorite time of year and I always think of Easter as the real start of spring. Last year I was so excited for Campbell to have the joy of meeting the Easter Bunny. Knowing even back them how much she loves animals I thought this would bring her much joy. I was totally wrong, sadly she hated the Easter Bunny and wanted nothing to do with him. This year I tried again and it was wonderful, she loves the bunny and all the festivities that went along with it!
Saturday we went to the Easter Extravaganza at the UTGC. Food, petting zoo, bounce house, egg hunt and best of all the easter bunny! Campbell fearlessly followed him everywhere he went for 2 hours!
    nothing but icing!  oh the eggs! 

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