Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weddings and Flowers Girls and GroomsWoman ... oh my!

Call us wonder women but today Amanda and I knocked out Campbell's flower girl dress and my GroomsWoman dress. Yes, your reading that right I am going to be a groomsman. Well I like GroomsWoman but Chuck, the groom, likes best old maid. I vetoed that. Yep I am proudly standing by Chuck on his wedding day June 5th!

Minus one woops by David's bridal on the color of the sash for Campbell's dress ( don't worry the bride got them lined out!) she is set and ready to throw some flowers down! Crossing fingers that it arrives all in one piece.

The GroomsWoman dress was a whole different story. Many of you reading this know Chuck so you will be a shocked as I was to get the color swatch of his suit. I have not stressed over finding a dress thinking he will wear black or gray. It's Chuck for heaven's sake he went three straight years in high school that he would only wear black! What does Amanda bring me in the form of a color swatch from Chuck???? a stamped size piece of  brown meets olive green meets kaki! WTF chuckles!  How ever am I going to match that! Well it took the "AA shopping" team 1 hour! The result is an almost perfectly matched dress from J.Crew in the color fatigue! Oh and it is cute and totally re-wearable! Thank you Amanda for disagreeing with your fiancee that I should wear a suit! How easy was that!

PROBLEM: they took my measurements and get on the phone with the special occasions department form J.Crew and the cutest little gay guy turns to me and says "Miss they are going to order you a size 8 will that be alright?" H E double hockey sticks NO that will not be alright! He ran for his life and gave me the phone.... I'll keep it short but I begged and pleaded for this woman to understand that I have never been more than a size 2 and I was only 5 feet tall! And I JUST lost all my baby weight this month and if she ordered me a size 8 I just might run out in traffic. She swore to me they run small and we settled on a size 4 and a great exchange policy. We will find out in 5 days who wins- self-esteem killing J.Crew sales girl or me, crazy mommy that is will not eat again till the wedding just to prove a point that she has her pre baby body back!

Here are the results...

Detachable Satin sash with back bow Bridal Party Style H1203 - Girl's Dress with Skirt Detail

And the GroomsMan dress in fatigue...Ta da!

Now fingers crossed all dress and parts arrive here and fit! Stupid size 8 Ha!


  1. That is one of my bridesmaids dresses! I love that dress. Those dresses run big actually. My girls are all returning theirs for smaller sizes. I would change your order! I am a size 4 there for heavens sake!

  2. This is random. I'm looking for that flowergirl dress for my daughter. It's discontinued and I can't find it anywhere...any chance you'd sell it? What size is it? Email me if you are interested: jenniferbohnsack@yahoo.com


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